League of Legends GOAT Faker Fashion Style

Laura Tolentino

League of Legends’ Greatest of All Time Faker has already established himself as one of the greatest Rift players ever seen, yet his success must not rest solely on past accomplishments.

For him to consistently qualify for Worlds, he requires an outstanding team around him – which means recruiting Drake.

1. Wear a T-shirt

Faker is one of the greatest League of Legends players ever, having amassed three World Championship wins and garnering over 2.5 million Twitch subscribers over his time playing the game.

He plays for SK Telecom T1 and lives with his team-mates in their Seoul ‘gaming house’, dedicating hard work and an extraordinary work ethic towards reaching success. Practicing everyday and spending more time at his ‘gaming house’ than most do at their office are keys to his success.

The Unkillable Demon King has become one of the most renowned names in esports and will long be remembered even after retirement. He has built a legacy that will endure and will continue to be utilized and respected by gamers around the globe. His IGN will remain highly prized among gamers.

Faker maintains an impressive YouTube channel where he posts clips from his games or vlogs, interacts with fans, and provides insight into his personality that many would think was unobtainable for such a professional player.

2. Wear a hat

League of Legends is an online multiplayer multi-player video game which blends combat, magic, skill and strategy into an addictive multi-player battle royale experience. Two teams of five players use champions known as ‘champions’ to move them around an arena called the Nexus in order to destroy an opponent’s base while protecting their own. Lee Sang-hyeok, or Faker as many refer to him, plays League full time as his full time occupation and many believe he may even be the greatest Leaguer ever!

As a mid laner, Faker’s primary responsibility is attacking opponents who enter his area on the map. Recently he displayed this skill during an esports livestream by knocking out two opposing champions while wearing an eye-catching chalk-stripe wool flannel suit that seemed custom tailored for him. Redbubble offers T1 Faker clothing in various designs and sizes (XS to plus size), all while supporting independent artists who created them.

3. Wear a jacket

Lee Sang-hyeok, more commonly known by his nickname Faker, is one of the greatest League of Legends (LoL) players ever. Having won three world championships and becoming the highest-paid professional gamer worldwide. Faker plays an integral part on his team as the mid-laner – often acting as shotcaller within their squad – often being their shotcaller as well. By spending every hour possible with teammates at work or home life also becomes enhanced.

While I would love to see Faker join TL, it wouldn’t make much sense. Faker has had numerous rivalries with Gen.G and would likely feel obliged to join their ranks; plus Faker wants nothing more than to bring down Gen.G by taking down Faker in one big defeat after another! Plus the TL logo would probably look awkward against his skintone.

4. Wear a pair of pants

Lee Sang-hyeok, better known by his esports moniker Faker, can often be found sporting his black and red esports jersey but also enjoys donning formal wear. Once as part of a collaboration with GQ Korea he even donned a chalk-stripe wool flannel suit featuring Faker’s name embroidered onto one of its pockets!

Redbubble offers an assortment of Skt T1 Faker clothing, including T-shirts, hoodies, dresses, skirts and hats in different styles and colors ranging from XS to Plus Size sizes – every purchase supports independent artists!