Shakira Fashion Tips

Laura Tolentino

Shakira has become a global superstar both as a music superstar and fashion trendsetter. Her eclectic style marries exotic and bohemian elements with rock ‘n roll elements to great effect.

Skintight low waist bottoms and ab-baring crop tops are her signature look, accessorised with bold belts or other accessories to make it truly stand out.

Tight-Fitting Jeans

Shakira knows exactly how to strike the perfect balance between comfort and show-stopping fashion when it comes to her jeans. She typically pairs light-wash pairs with floral blouses or fitted dresses for concerts and red carpet appearances, as well as playful details like ripped denim styles that add a playful edge. As shown at the 2003 Latin Grammys where she donned pink fur stoles with ripped denim jeans she showed how effortless boho-inspired looks can look when pulled off without looking overdone.

Trying tight-fitting jeans requires being one size smaller than your current pair, then tucking your shirt and placing a belt. Next, slide your feet carefully into the leg holes of the jeans without getting caught on seams, button or zip them, put on your shoes and finish off with a statement accessory such as bracelets or earrings for maximum impact.

Tight jeans can be especially flattering on women who are already thin. They elongate the legs, creating a sleek silhouette. In fact, tight jeans can serve as the basis of any outfit – wear them with an everyday T-shirt and accessorize with colorful scarves or necklaces to accent them; then complete your look with an eye-catching statement bag for added effect!

For a casual look, you have several options for tying or leaving open a shirt in front. To add an element of flair, a bandanna, fringe, or bold belt around your waist would work nicely; or if wearing men’s shirt then add some rock-and-roll vibe with some ripped or studded jeans!

If you want to add some drama and texture to your style, wearing your jeans backwards may add the perfect splash. This trend has recently been seen on runways and fashion magazines alike; and is an effective way of showing off tattoos while creating an individualistic look all of its own.


Shakira enjoys wearing t-shirts with eye-catching prints or designs. She often chooses those featuring fringe or other embellishments around the neckline and bold belts or waist accessories to spice up her looks further. Sometimes she even leaves her locks down long; other times she adds braids or buns for added drama!

Shakira often draws inspiration from her music when selecting clothing for special events, and loves incorporating Middle Eastern designs with plenty of gold elements into her outfits. A gold lace skirt and fitted sequined shirt pair nicely for dancing nights out; pair this look with some golden earrings and clutch purse for an unforgettable night.

Shakira has become well-known for her preference of tight, body-hugging dresses. These can be found in an array of colors and styles; there should be one perfect for you! Try to avoid dresses that are too short or have too many bell sleeves; this look won’t suit everyone, but is an effective way to show off your figure.

Shakira often wears denim patchwork outfits for casual looks. She often pairs these pieces with denim boots or other high heels – even wearing these outfits to red carpet events!

Shakira’s fashion choices have taken an unexpectedly dramatic turn since her split with footballer Gerard Pique in 2012. Perhaps reflecting their change of hearts, Shakira has started incorporating revenge dressing into her style; showing off her curvier figure at events such as MTV Video Music Awards 2014 wearing a body-con dress featuring ruched fabric to show off her curvier figure; also using high-waisted swimsuits to highlight her toned physique.


Shakira has become one of the world’s best-known superstars, known equally for her hips as well as her music. As such, Shakira’s stage outfits reflect that energy; when performing she typically wears bold lace dresses that show off her curvier figure with sweetheart necklines to draw the audience’s eye and keep them engaged throughout her show.

Offstage, Shakira’s fashion choices have been equally bold. She has been seen wearing both a black minidress paired with gold platform sandals and sunglasses, as well as an all-capital “NO” trench coat dress from Viktor & Rolf’s 2008 collection which she combined with both a Carrera purse and silver zipper shoes in an ensemble that brought to mind both body-wrapped tamales and Xena the Warrior Princess.

On the red carpet, she has become known for her unique boho-rock style; from fringed crop tops and lace midi dresses with sheer overlays and ruffles to metallic thong dresses styled with pink fur stoles at events such as 2013 Latin Grammy Awards.

Shakira has been seen wearing layers of patterned mini dresses over tight black bottoms, finishing off her ensembles with either a floppy hat or studded wristbands. When it comes to hairstyles, Shakira tends to keep things straightforward with straight locks; however she’s been known to try different looks such as curls or bobs from time to time.

Shakira’s fashion choices speak volumes about her fierce sense of self. From protest-inspired outfits that promote female empowerment and unity to revenge dresses that deflect attention away from personal struggles, the singer always manages to make an impression no matter what she wears – her confidence making her one of fashion’s true icons. Recently she even posed in a revealing thong and bikini top for Vogue Mexico y Latinoamerica – explore some of Shakira’s memorable looks by viewing this gallery!


Shakira’s fashion choices as one of the biggest pop stars on earth are often scrutinized. Women and men alike admire her eclectic blend of boho chic, Latina style and rock looks; from skinny jeans and belly-baring crop tops to high heels and thigh-high boots she knows how to pull them all off flawlessly.

She favors clothing with torn and frayed edges paired with binding or grunge frill. The singer often tucks men’s shirts into her clothing for an exotic edge to her look, and loves bold accessories like headbands, belts and hats to complete her ensembles.

Colombian star was never afraid to experiment when it comes to her fashion choices, from wearing feathered bikinis at the 2001 MTV Awards, leather chaps and underboob cutout bodysuit while performing on Valentine’s Day and feathered bikini tops at other awards ceremonies. She knows what works!

Although she has experienced some heartache in life – such as the breakup of her 10-year marriage to Gerard Pique and loss of her mother – 46-year-old actress Vanessa Paradis hasn’t let it show on her fashion front; rather she’s been reinventing her look since splitting from Pique.

Viktor & Rolf’s Haute Couture show in Paris was no different: she donned a chic yet seductive ensemble featuring white coat, nude-colored lingerie and 6-inch Amina Muaddi stiletto boots to look her most radiant ever.

Shakira is known for her incredible talents, but fashion is her true passion. Her iconic style can be found all around the world and never ceases to make headlines with each new bold outfit she wears. If you want a taste of Shakira’s cool yet feminine and sexy style, try mixing skinny jeans with bold belts, T-shirts, dresses or pants and accessorizing with fringe, tassels or mismatched bracelets; experiment until you find what works for you!