Get the London Look: From Chelsea to Camden


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London is the one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world so it’s hardly surprising that its innovative spirit and trendsetting reputation is unrivalled. While Milan and Paris are still the mainstay of fashion, London has spawned its own look and style, it’s aloof yet urban and gritty, it’s superior and arrogant, yet youthful and fresh and it is copied globally. Kate Moss defines the ‘London Look’ but it was a path carved for her by fashion icons including Mary Quant, Vivienne Westwood, The Shrimp (Jean Shrimpton) and Twiggy.


Fashion Trends in London


London’s fashion is so versatile it varies from place to place. Whilst in Chelsea expect to see crisp white shirts, large fedoras and oversized sunglasses and when in Camden the punk era is truly alive, with lace up Doc Martens and grungy make up, being the norm. London keeps it classic from season to season, but honestly anything goes in the Big Smoke. Home to hipsters, Indies, fashionistas, punks and Goths, you can truly get away with any style. It is all about being cool, having a swagger and street attitude, which transcends class and culture.


Staple items for the London Look in Chelsea:


Style icons include: The cast of Made in Chelsea.

  • The Printed Shirt,
  • Grungy Leather Jacket,
  • Skater Skirt,
  • And obviously the Chelsea Boots.

    Amy Whinehouse
    Via wikipedia

Teamed together this look gives off a finished yet classic look, with an edge of attitude. No Chelsea girl would be complete without her Chelsea boots to get her through a hard day of strolling down The Kings Road.


Staple items for the London Look in Camden:


Style icons include: Amy Whinehouse.

  • Doc Martens,
  • Ripped skinny Jeans,
  • Punk t-shirt,
  • Dark eyes,
  • And of course the obligatory safety pin.

This look is all about the grunge, and the attitude, that comes with the territory! It’s simple yet speaks volumes. As well as being comfy and casual this is truly a fashion statement.


Alexa Chung
Via Wikimedia

Staple items for the London Look in the City:


Style icons include: Alexa Chung.

  • Blazer,
  • Leather Skirt,
  • Oversized shirt,
  • Classic black strappy heels.

This is all about the working girl in the city, and how easily an outfit can be changed from day to night. The leather skirt adds a hint of grunge while keeping the look classic with a blazer. Why not go for a loud print to make a statement.


Rita Ora
By Neon Tommy via Wikimedia Commons

Staple items for the London Look in Notting Hill:


Style icons include: Rita Ora.

  • Beanie hat,
  • Nike Air Max,
  • Skinny Jeans (rolled up)
  • Retro t-shirt.

Notting Hill is all about the laidback lifestyle, and strolling through Portobello market. Cover up with a beanie and slip on some comfy yet fashionable Nike Air Max to complete the Hipster look.