Losing Weight – How To Get Your Wardrobe Back

Laura Tolentino

Weight loss is a huge goal for so many people from all around the world. It is something that can only be seen as great but it does bring in some problems that do have to be solved. A reason why people succeed and find the necessary motivation to lose weight is dropping a few sizes. Looking great and feeling much healthier is a reality but the old clothes will simply not fit well anymore.

As a person loses weight he/she does not want to buy many clothes. This is normal since there is more weight that has to disappear. After reaching the goal size rebuilding the wardrobe becomes a necessity. It is a true fun reward for absolutely all the hard work but building up the clothes from scratch is hard, especially when you lost a lot of weight. Money does become a problem and things get really complicated. Fortunately, there are some things that could make things a lot better.

Personal Shoppers

Dressing our body is something that is very easy for us. We know what works for us. However, as the weight is completely different, sizes change and it becomes complicated to make a choice. What we used to buy will most likely not look great on us based on the new figure we have.

A good idea is to hire a personal shopper. He/she will go with you to the store and will make some great recommendations. You can easily talk in advance so that the shopper can easily understand the situation you are in. Based on that discussion recommendations are made. You can choose to take them into account or not but in most cases the options are much better than what many expect.

Season Shopping

All that you wear will be needed in a brand new size. The good news is you do not need it at once. When it is summer, just worry about what you will wear. Coats will not be needed. When it is winter, you do not need to buy swimwear. Rebuilding the wardrobe is so much easier when you just take it one step at a time.

Capsule Wardrobe

If you want to avoid having to buy way too many clothes at the same time, try to find something that is versatile and set up the capsule wardrobe. Bottom and top pieces that are interchangeable or dresses you can use for both day and night wear are always very good options. The accessories you have still fit. You can use them together with the capsule wardrobe to set up the foundation of your new wardrobe. Different combinations with various accessories will basically make it seem like you have more clothes than you actually have.