Michelle Obama – A True Style Icon

Laura Tolentino

When it comes to fashion and style, Michelle Obama is probably the most stylish First Lady of the modern world. Her outfits and her fashion choices are always admired by both fashion stylists and critics and women who aspire to be as fashionable and chic as the First Lady.

Her outfits are an authentic representation of what Michelle Obama is – a powerful woman who is gracious but also courageous, a woman who has a strong personality and is not afraid to speak her mind and to decide what is best for her. But the most amazing thing about the First Lady’s outfits is that they are classy and elegant without being boring. Michelle Obama is not afraid to wear bold colors that flatter her skin tone and designs that accentuate her beautiful silhouette without being too tight.

It’s hard to picture the colorful First Lady in boring pastel or grey outfits or in shapeless clothing articles. We are glad that her fashion is different different and that is exactly why Michele Obama became a style icon.

Michelle Obama’s Evening Attire

Michelle Obama’s Evening Attire

Remember when the evening gowns worn by the First Ladies had long sleeves, no shape and they were embellished with sparkly crystals? We’re happy Michelle Obama ended that era and started a new era with bold colors, great evening designs and dresses that are sophisticated, elegant and always look wonderful on her.

Michelle Obama replaced the long sleeved evening gowns with one shoulder dresses, off the shoulder dresses and other neckline designs that flatter her body and accentuate her shoulders and fit arms.

A thing we all should be sure of is that Michelle Obama can make any color look elegant and sophisticated. She wore orange, teal, red, white, black, purple and various blue hues. They all looked amazing on her!

Michele Obama’s Everyday Life Style Choices

Michele Obama’s Everyday Life Style Choices

In her everyday life Michelle Obama has a sophisticated casual style that is both classy and feminine. All those women who want to learn how to accentuate their silhouette in a tasteful way need to take lessons from the First Lady. She is a fan of belts and she wears them with everything: pants, skirts, dresses, cardigans. She also loves flower prints and she is often seen in flowery dresses.

For daytime events she likes to choose between bold suits, full skirts, pencil skirts with classy tops and blazers or block color dresses.

Michelle Obama suits

Michele Obama’s Popular Fashion Item Choices


Michelle Obama Belts

Michelle Obama loves to accentuate her waist with belts that come in various styles and shapes.

Pencil Skirts

Pencil Skirts Michelle Obama

From simple pencil skirts paired with blazers to casual, colorful skirts for day wear, Michelle Obama surely knows how to wear this skirt design.

High Waist Trousers

Michelle Obama High Waist Trousers

When it comes to high waist trousers, the design needs to be perfect and the clothing articles they are paired with have to be chosen carefully in order to have a killer outfit. But since Michelle Obama really is a style icon, her trousers outfits are always impeccable and stylish.

Printed Dresses

Printed Dresses

Printed dresses are not for everybody, they are for confident women who are not afraid to get out of their comfort zone when it comes to fashion choices and that is why they look so amazing on Michelle Obama.

Trench Coat


trench coats michelle obamaLast but definitely not least, the trench coat is a staple piece in Michelle Obama’s wardrobe. Whether we’re talking about the bold colored coats or about the elegant neutral coats, one thing is certain: Michelle Obama really knows how to choose a trench coat design that accentuates her silhouette and add style and class to her outfits.