Roberto Cavalli Wants You to Feel Like a Hollywood Star

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Roberto Cavalli stands as an embodiment of excess in an industry marked by minimalism. His extravagant Tuscan estate, racehorses stabled on it and 138-foot yacht convey an air of bohemian glamour and exotic elegance that set him apart.

His printed denim, intarsia leather and bold prints were quickly accepted by the jet set, leading him to open his first boutique in Saint Tropez in 1972.

About Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli is famous for his bold animal prints crafted into striking garments. Born and raised in Florence, where his grandfather painted for the Macchiaioli group, Roberto studied silk printing at Accademia di Belle Arti before opening his own silk printing shop and applying his painterly techniques to fully fashioned garments as well as developing techniques for printing on leather.

Cavalli utilized these methods to craft his signature aesthetic: patchwork designs on denim and leather that became his trademark collection, worn by style icons like Bridget Bardot. Cavalli was one of the pioneers to use leather and suede textiles like these as textiles rather than just surface embellishments, producing garments which combined functionality with sensuality.

His seductive yet feminine designs have earned him a place in the Fashion Hall of Fame, while also garnering high profile clients such as Jennifer Lopez and Mary J Blige as celebrity customers.

Cavalli has successfully expanded his business beyond clothing into beauty and home products, restaurants, leisure clubs and hotels. He has collaborated with global retail brands such as H&M to design women’s and men’s clothing specifically targeted towards younger audiences.

This brand is dedicated to environmental sustainability and social responsibility, using recycled materials in their products as well as biodegradable dyes. They work with Treedom – an online tree planting platform – allowing their consumers to plant trees online.

RC Menswear and Womenswear as well as Just Cavalli shoes and eyewear products make up this label’s comprehensive product offering. Additionally, two underwear collections, beachwear and jewelry are also provided by this company as well as two childrens collections: Angels and Devils Collection for children; luxurious fake furs by Angels & Devils Collection as well as fragrances, perfumes and watches are offered through them. Furthermore, several restaurant and cafe locations in Italy and beyond also operate under this banner.

Roberto Cavalli’s Style

Roberto Cavalli’s fashion house, famous for its romantic prints and feminine cuts, has attracted celebrities such as Beyonce, Heidi Klum and Nicole Sherzinger with its signature styles. After initial success with floral patterns, Roberto expanded into other designs including animal-inspired pieces. This combination of handcrafted ornamentation with haute couture craftsmanship garnered critical acclaim during 1970s luxury fashion.

The brand’s founder used his travels as an avenue to find inspiration for his collections, garnering global acclaim along the way. Over time, his designs became staples among women’s apparel fashionistas worldwide; becoming known for signature shapes, rich fabrics and colorful patterns; as well as leather goods and jewelry which perfectly capture Italy’s romantic yet sensuous spirit.

In 2022, Roberto Cavalli celebrated its 40th anniversary by unveiling a runway collection featuring evening gowns. Over time, this line expanded into day wear apparel and the Just Cavalli line of clothing. Furthermore, they opened a showroom in Milan and signed licensing agreements for fragrances, shoes and accessories in addition to expanding into interior design with Roberto Cavalli Home.

Fausto Puglisi, creative consultant of Fausto Puglisi Label, is known for his bold designs that bring back memories of its glory days. For this latest outing he featured leopard spots on jumpsuits, corset lacing and feathery bell-bottomed pants/jackets/pants; as well as large tiger motifs on jumpsuits and romantic floral brocades brocaded jackets/pants/jackets.

Peter Dundas returned to Roberto Cavalli after seven years at Emilio Pucci, before being succeeded by Paul Surridge who introduced his debut collection for Roberto Cavalli in 2017. Surridge has continued to make waves within fashion through his signature use of color and striking prints, earning the brand rave reviews from celebrities, fashionistas and global tastemakers alike.

Roberto Cavalli’s Collections

Fashion house Carolina Herrera has long been recognized worldwide, offering leather apparel, shoes, accessories, perfume, home goods and even perfume. Their collections span leather apparel, shoes, accessories, perfume and home goods; its collections have also become a favorite choice of celebrities like Ciara, Naomi Scott Halle Bailey Karen Wazen Doja Cat and Doja Cat – as their iconic animal prints give this label its glamorous appeal.

Cavalli first studied painting at Florence’s Academia di Belle Arti but soon found his true calling in textile design and printing. He established his namesake label in the 1970s and quickly gained notoriety thanks to his innovative use of color and print on leather products – in fact it was due to an accident whereby he accidentally drew something onto one piece of leather that led to one of his signature inventions!

Cavalli designs became increasingly fashionable throughout the 80s and 90s, thanks largely to Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren wearing his dresses on St Tropez beaches. By decade’s end, his brand had become one of Italy’s best-known exports.

In 2021, Roberto Cavalli welcomed Fausto Puglisi as its new creative director. Puglisi has transformed Roberto Cavalli collections with bold glamor and feminine silhouettes under his direction.

Last year’s Fall/Winter show paid tribute to the 1990s Y2K looks worn by Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Puglisi recreated Marta Marzotto’s starburst pattern as seen on tailored jackets, silk wide-open shirts, long cutout gowns trimmed with devore or denim-inspired designs, tailored jackets with devore patterns reminiscent of denim designs worn over denim denim fabric as well as tailored jackets with devore designs reminiscent of socialite Marta Marzotto worn over tailored jackets, tailored jackets tailored jackets with tailored jackets trimmed with devore- and denim designs as seen on Paris Hilton and Britney Spears during 2000 Y2K looks worn by both Paris Hilton and Britney Spears during 2000-year 2000-themed Paris Hilton and Britney Spears’ outfits worn during 2000 by Paris Hilton and Britney Spears respectively during 2000/2001 fashion week by designer Puglisi who recreated socialite Marta Marzotto’s starburst pattern seen worn by Marta Marzotto herself; her starburst pattern worn by socialite Marta Marzotto herself and splashed it onto tailored jackets; silk wide-open shirts, cut-out gowns trimmed with devore and denim designs respectively by socialite Marta Marzotto herself and Britney Spears for 2000/2000!

Puglisi’s vision for Roberto Cavalli can be seen clearly in his recent couture collections; other highlights included a black minidress featuring both lace and gold sequined embroideries, as well as a sensual, body-hugging white lace frock that left nothing to the imagination. Puglisi has proven himself an outstanding choice as Roberto Cavalli’s artistic director; this visionary can be seen throughout each couture collection he designs.

Roberto Cavalli’s Collaborations

Roberto Cavalli is a fashion legend who is best known for dressing celebrities such as Charlize Theron and Gwyneth Paltrow in her Hollywood glamour. Now, this legendary Italian designer has collaborated with Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) to produce a collection that will launch globally across 200 stores on Nov 8th.

Roberto Cavalli is unrivaled when it comes to luxurious gowns. His designs are known for incorporating various materials, animal prints and patchwork elements. Born in Florence to an Impressionist painter grandfather and attending the Accademe di Belle Arti of Macchiaioli movement – Roberto attended an Accademe di Belle Arti of Macchiaioli movement.

After his studies, Cavalli began to experiment with textile printing and created a pattern which attracted the interest of key hosiery factories. He also began dyeing garments. By the 1970s he had developed his own unique method for printing on leather garments to produce patchwork patterns as well as floral prints.

In 1994, Cavalli released his inaugural set of sandblasted jeans; by 1996 he had opened boutiques on Saint Barth, the French Caribbean, Venice and Just Cavalli was created for youth-targeted wear. Since its creation, this brand has expanded significantly, adding main lines for women’s wear, men’s wear, accessories and shoes as well as beachwear, class lines perfumes Angels & Devils children’s collections two underwear collections and watches all under Just Cavalli umbrella.

Paul Surridge joined the label in 2017 as creative director and brought with him an entirely new aesthetic – while still upholding its signature style – that appealed to women across the world. Their products can now be found for sale in over fifty countries around the globe.

In February 2019 designer Erin Wasson unveiled her collaboration with Russian fashion label Love Republic to produce clothing and accessories featuring gold and animal print as the primary motif of her line. A fashion show held at Zaryadye Park underground parking garage in Moscow showcased these designs modeled by Erin Wasson and Jessica Stam, with these models acting as models of Love Republic designs.