Sergio Rossi Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Laura Tolentino

Sergio Rossi is definitely one of the most known Italian shoe designers at the moment, with shoemaking skill developed ever since the brand’s appearance in the fifties. By the eighties, we saw the first ever boutique opened under the Sergio Rossi name. Ever since that moment, Rossi built a huge name when referring to beautiful and quite daring shoes.

Sergio Rossi spring summer 2015

The Spring/Summer 2015 shoes collection is quite playful and uses an incredible array of sculptural details with a really interesting color palette. It is a collection that can be described as energetic and positive. You will be able to see the really interesting gladiator heels that are made out of carved and curving leather panels as this is a contrast with cream and black shades. You will love the strappy sandals with wrap-arounds in a cobalt blue that is so attractive. It is even possible to get a pair of elegant shoes with really attractive heels that are edged with a curved black trim.

Sergio Rossi spring summer 2015 2

We definitely cannot say that the Sergio Rossi Spring/Summer 2015 collection is down to earth but it is interesting to see that there are some classics included that are perfect in the tamer wardrobe. As a simple example, the nude and black sandal is definitely versatile and the gold trimmed straps offer a really interesting elegance that is associated with the black heels. We have a collection that is mainly dominated by footwear but some of the chic reptile skin box clutches will be so gorgeous you will want to look at them.

Sergio Rossi spring summer 2015 3

On the whole, the Spring/Summer 2015 Sergio Rossi collection is a reflection on aesthetic beauty. This is mainly due to the fact that we have immediate and simple expressions that reveal so many details as we take a really closer look. This is a collection that has a pure feminine essence that will stand out, a really discrete elegance and a natural attitude.

The essential lines are going to curve sinuously in order to exalt the foot’s silhouette. This does outline a paste pump and an iconic cut, which is exclusively made out of watersnake. Colors of choice that dominate are optical white and blue, combined with intense shades.