Simple Ways To Increase Fashion Blog Traffic For Free

Laura Tolentino

One of the biggest problems with opening a brand new fashion blog is that it will be hard to generate traffic. Let’s face it! The competition is high and new fashion blogs appear every single day. Enthusiast fashion bloggers try to do all that they can to stand out.

If you have a great fashion blog and you offer quality information for visitors, it would be a shame not to have the traffic that you deserve. Since we understand that money is a problem and you cannot afford to buy ads or posting opportunities, let us think about the many different things that you can do for free.

Join Online Communities

This is one of the best ways to be known on the internet as a fashion blogger. Write your fashion tips articles and promote them in the communities that are actually interested in those tips. There are many communities that can be found online. Most of them are found on social networks like Facebook through specialized groups.

Stay really careful and do take all the time that you need to actually find suitable communities. You want one that is large but not too large. In this case you would end up faced with competition but in the event that your writing is great, you will get some very good followers that will keep coming back and will promote your content in a viral way.

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Use All Suitable Social Networks

While most of the aspiring fashion bloggers have an online presence on Facebook and Twitter, other networks are not used. That is a mistake. You need to get an account with LinkedIn, Pinterest and even Instagram. Every single social network where there are people looking for fashion advice or information about the latest trends can be highly beneficial. You can build a following with each one and many of the people that follow you on different networks will not be the same.

In the event that you have some extra money to spend, we warmly recommend that you use Facebook ads to get more interested people to follow your Facebook page. That can help out a lot more than what you may think at the moment due to the fact that you gain access to many people that will both read your blog and show what you write to their network friends.

Pinterest and Instagram are great when you take a lot of pictures. You can share them and gain even more followers. However, in this case we recommend that you keep everything personal with Instagram and professional with Pinterest.

Start Learning About On-Site Search Engine Optimization

SEO is complicated. It is hard to gain relevant links in the beginning and it is something that you will need. While money is usually necessary to do some professional work, when it comes to on-site search engine optimization, free online tutorials can teach you various ways in which you can easily improve your search engine rankings.

Simple things like adding meta tags or paying attention to the keywords that you use will make your site climb higher in rankings. Combine this with high quality content and you will continuously grow in traffic.

Focus On Your Articles

People come back to your blog because of you and what you write. One of the biggest problems with beginners is that they just try to write a lot in a belief that this brings in the most traffic. This is not actually the case. It is always better to spend as much time as may be necessary in order to actually offer high quality content for your readers. Think about what they want and make sure that you always conduct a suitable research.

It is always tough to come up with something new but that is what you have to do. Also, it is important to think about your personality. You want the visitors to see a real person behind the writing. However, they do want to see something that is professional. Finding the best possible mix between professionalism and personality is what works best with fashion blogs.

Contact Fashion Bloggers Like Yourself

Networking is highly important in every single online niche, including fashion. It is a very good idea to get in touch with other bloggers. Invite them to write a guest post on your site. That brings in more followers to yours as the other blogger shares the article with his/her community. Do the same thing yourself. Try to talk with people and ask if you can publish something on their blog. This article exchange is very good as it consolidates both bloggers and there are situations in which you have a writer’s block and you cannot write. Having someone else write on your blog will keep content coming and visitors interested.

Offer Something Free So That Visitors Subscribe To Your Newsletter

A lot of aspiring fashion bloggers understand how great a newsletter can be but they do not know how to attract subscribers. People love things that are offered for free. Write a mini report about something that is interesting like fashion trends for the following season. Ask people to subscribe so that they can receive the report. Be creative and think about what subscribers might like to receive. You will surely find something that works great.

Extra Tip: Do Not Take Rushed Decisions!

This is not necessarily something that is connected to promoting your fashion blog for free on the internet but it is one thing that counts a lot. In many situations we end up making mistakes and we damage our online reputation as fashion bloggers. For instance, if you receive a negative comment on one of your articles, do not respond immediately. Truly understand what the person says and choose your words carefully. When you take a few minutes to cool off or even more, as much as you need, you will surely end up making the best possible decision. Also, remember that fashion blogging does take time and dedication. Do not worry if you do not succeed fast. You will eventually get there.