Simple Tips To Help You Apply Makeup Properly

Laura Tolentino

Applying makeup is something that seems so easy at first glance but turns out to be quite complicated when you actually start doing it. In fact, most people out there do not properly apply their makeup. We are quite sure that you could learn some things from this article as we are going to go through different things that will surely help you to end up with a perfect glow.

Applying Under-Eye Concealer

There is a natural tendency to simply look towards the light you use but that brings in a problem. You cannot actually see what you want to cover. Tip the chin slightly down and then look ahead towards the mirror. That will expose absolutely all dark areas that you have to stay focused on.

Applying Blush

The cheeks should be sucked in and color should be applied to the cheekbones while working from your temples towards other areas. Bone lines can be followed so that you do not make any mistake. After you will apply the blush, look right in your mirror so that you will always apply the exact same color amount on both of the sides.

Applying Foundation

Downward strokes should be used to spread the color with the use of a brush or a sponge. Turn the face from one side to the other periodically, just as if you were to shake the head. That guarantees that you cover every single area. Check the region under the chin. Analyze the obvious lines and make sure that you blend accordingly along your jaw.

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Applying False Lashes

It is always a good fashion tip to close the eyes slightly and then pull down the lid with your finger. That allows you to have access to your lash line. Use the lash strip and place it right on the lash line center. Then, secure both ends.

Applying Powder

A really good idea is to fill the cheeks with a lot of air, as much as possible. That smoothes out the wrinkles and will make the makeup not accumulate or exaggerate lines. As you relax the face, excess product can be blended with the powder puff or brush.

Applying Mascara

Lash roots have to be completely visible when you apply mascara. Make sure that your head is tilted backwards for that to happen. The mascara needs to be applied from the eye’s inner corner towards the lash line. As soon as the lash line is reached, point the wand’s tip upward so that every lash is fully separated while coating. The wand’s tip can then be lowered as you go towards outer edges.

Applying Eye Shadow

Tilt the head back just a bit and look right towards your mirror. The entire lid should be visible. When you do this you will be able to properly apply color right from lash base to over creases. Rise the brow if you have crepey lids so that skin can be stretched and you avoid the situation in which color would slip.

Applying Lipstick

You can either pucker your lips slightly or completely relax them when applying color. What you have to avoid is having a large grin on your face. When you do that, the natural contours of the mouth are flattened and you will not have a precise result. If you use a lip brush, simply say OH and then make sure that the brush will touch all the corners of the mouth.

Applying Eyeliner

The eyebrows need to be raised and you have to close one eye so that the canvas is flattened properly. Use feathery strokes and always go in from outer corners. In the event that your hand is shaky, simply rest it on a table while you apply the eyeliner.

Applying Lip Gloss

In order to have a really intense look, it is a good idea to use a finger. Dab it right into the preferred gloss and apply first on the lips’ center instead of all along the mouth. Press the lips together so that gloss can be distributed.

Always Use High Quality Makeup

Just as with choosing perfect jewelry when you go out, you need to also choose high quality makeup products. That is something that counts a lot more than what you may think at the moment. There are so many different situations in which people just end up choosing really cheap products. Never do that with makeup. In this particular case, you have to be 100% sure that the quality is suitable.

One thing that many do not understand is that high quality makeup will always offer you a much better look. It is vital that you use only brands that are known for the quality that they give for clients.

The problem is that there are sometimes not enough choices that are available at local brick and mortar stores. The store owner is basically forced to just choose what is suitable based on what sells better. It is something that you have to always remember since there is a huge possibility that the products you find are not suitable.

The good news is that you can easily find every single makeup product that you can imagine on the internet. There are basically hundreds of different opportunities that are available. Hundreds of sites will simply offer high quality makeup products at price tags that are a lot lower when compared to brick and mortar establishments.

Make sure that you only buy from high quality stores that have a suitable reputation. Think about the different opportunities that you have and focus on those online shops that will be recommended by past customers. Consider the fact that people will always complain in the event that there are bad experiences that they had when buying something online. If you find various different negative reviews, you are looking at a site from where you should not buy makeup.