Spring-Summer Fashion Trends 2018

Laura Tolentino

Spring-Summer Fashion Trends 2018

With spring just around the corner, we think it is time to look at the spring-summer fashion trends for 2018 so we know what to expect when going shopping.

Asymmetrical Necklines

We had asymmetrical sleeves, asymmetrical skirts so it is time for asymmetrical necklines. It appears that fashion designers really hate symmetry lately but we have to admit that the asymmetrical neckline looks amazing. The twists and wraps around the neck and color bone create a very chic and feminine look for spring and summer so make sure you will look for some creative necklines if you go shopping for spring and summer clothes.

The Fanny Pack

The fanny pack is here to stay at least for one more season. You can try a sporty fanny pack or you can go for a minimalist one or a more elegant one if you don’t like the sporty ones.

Lavender Clothes

Ultra violet is the color of the year but spring require something softer and more wearable – enters lavender. This soft and feminine shade of purple looks good in feminine and stylish outfits during springtime but you can also incorporate it in summer outfits if you pair it with a more vibrant color or you can pair it with some neutral shades for an office summer outfit.

White Suits

Forget about the boring grey or black suits and embrace the bold and the beautiful white suits. White suits look modern, stylish, and feminine and they can be styled in numerous ways. An oversized tux can look very good with a feminine camisole underneath or, if you are courageous, with a minimalist bra.

Polka Dots

Were polka dots really out of style? We don’t think so but we were happy to see them on the runaways. Spring collections are usually full of flower-print dresses, skirts, and tops but, this year, black and white polka dots are just as popular. You can choose a dress with small polka dots for a more subtle look or you can pick a dress with huge polka dots to make a bold fashion statement.

Puffed Shoulders

If you’re wondering why are puffed-shoulders back since they didn’t look that good on anyone, don’t worry! The puffed shoulders featured in the spring and summer collection are not terrible. They are wearable and feminine not oversized and crazy, however, there are some designers who decided to make a statement with the puffed shoulder once again but you don’t have to since there are some vintage-inspired puffed shoulders that look adorable and feminine. On the other hand, if subtle is not really your thing and you want to make a style statement, try the huge puffed-shoulders featured in some designers’ collections.

Square Necklines

This neckline style is very flattering and feminine at the same time without being too revealing if you don’t want it to be. You will find almost anything with a square neckline this year – casual dresses, shirts, tops, elegant dresses, you name it.

Pink & Red Together

Various shades of pink and red are always found in every season’s collections, however, this spring, be ready to wear them together. Remember the famous pink and red outfit Sarah Jessica Parker wore in Sex and The City? That type of vibe we have in mind when we talk about pink & red outfits. You need a little bit of courage to pull it off especially if you are not the type of girl who wears bright colors on a regular basis but this color combo is too beautiful to ignore.

Statement Straw Hat

And last but by no means least – the straw hat, actually, the statement straw hat. Perfect for a day at the beach, the straw hat looks spectacular this year and we’re here for it.