Here’s To Wear Pants As A Man

Laura Tolentino

Women will mix pants with dresses, skirts and skorts but with men we do have pants being worn almost all the time. Because of this, we do need to know how to wear pants, with the advice mentioned below being really valuable for men. We can give you so many tips but some are much more important than others. This is what we will remain focused on in the following paragraphs. Most men will make huge mistakes when wearing or choosing pants so do avoid these mistakes.

Never Pleat Pants

Pleats will never be liked by women. In addition, they make the man look bigger instead of slimmer. Flat-front pants make the guys that are trim look trimmer and the average guy is going to allear much less schlumpy.

The Fine Line Between Skinny And Slim-Cut

Pants do not have to flare out. You need to easily get to the leg’s bottom area right over feet. If this does not happen, the look will be really skinny at the ankle level. Knee to ankle areas need to be straight and the thigh should not show billowing.

Mid-Rise Is Better

Never go too low and do not show underwear. The waistband does not need to be all the way up to the belly button. However, at the same time, it should not go really low. Higher waist pants are normally really great for the shorter guys so you do want to remember this at all times.

Light-Wash Jeans Are A No No

The very first thing that comes to mind when you see these is a nineties boy band. At the same time, dads normally wear these. We recommend that you avoid them at all costs so that you do not get to see others seeing you with this image.

Jeans Have To Fit Like The Dress Pants

Do you have slim cut dress pants that are properly tailored? In this case, you do not need to wear the denims that are baggy and floppy. This is especially the case when referring to the thigh area. You want to tighten up.

Dark Jeans Are Not Always Fancy

There is this general idea that dark jeans are really fancy and that they will always look great. This is not always the case. As an example, if you wear the dark jeans with shiny black dress shoes.

Only Wear Naturally Distressed Jeans

The broken-in look is really popular at the moment but that does not mean that when you have worn out pants you simply keep wearing them. As you see this, you normally need another pair. When you buy some pants that are already destroyed, it practically means that they will not last for a really long time.

Cuffs Are Not Necessarily Stylish With Pants

In most cases we associate cuffs with the pleated pants so this means that they are not cool. A shorter man needs to always avoid the cuffs because they will always shorten legs visually. A taller man can use a cuff but that is normally associated with the sleeker look. Suit pants are rarely cuffed.

Pants That Are Too Long Will Flap Round Ankles

Pant length is always associated with breaks, the area where the pants will fall on shoes, thus creating the horizontal fabric crease. Small breaks are normally needed for the pants to skim on shoes. If there is pooling that appears around the ankle region, the result is not at all stylish.