Spring-Summer Shoe Trends 2017

Laura Tolentino

The trends that are really hot now for summer are definitely interesting. Although we are in the middle of it all, we still see many that have no idea what they should buy. With this in mind, these are the shoe trends you absolutely have to think about. We see so much color that is definitely going to be great for so many. Since we all love shoes, why not take advantage of the trends and stay both cool and love how our wardrobe is completed by these shoes?


This is a huge 2017 summer trend. Platforms are all around us adding loveliness and height. Almost all the shoes on the runways are with platforms, including Erdem and Salvatore Ferragamo. What is really interesting with the platforms is they are going to perfectly match various different outfits so you need to be sure that you are going to look at all the available options. Check out the shows by Miu Miu and Proenza Schouler for the best possible examples of this.

Kitten Heels

We all want to be sexy and when we offer just a hint of that everything is even more special than with going all-out sexy. Kitten heels are popular exactly for that. They are going to add the arch without affecting feet and you will end up with that mystery feeling that you surely want to send out. Most of the kitten heels were featured in the spring collections but this does not mean that you cannot wear them during the summer. You do want to consider Celine’s line since the heels are quite darlings. Combine these with sheer stockings or just go for Dior’s kitten heels as they are basically classic 2017.

Quirk Flatforms

Platforms were already covered but you can also give flat versions a chance. The flatform heels will have a flat sole and will be great according to all specialists out there. They were featured in many Fashion weeks. Brands are not shying away from the flats and they actually make them stand out as much as possible, through crazy embellishments or prints. Out of the collections you want to try we should mention Gucci and Balmain.

Thin Stilettos

When will stilettos ever be out of fashion? We are sure this does not surprise anyone but the thin stiletto is here to stay for every single season. Summer 2017 is definitely all about contrast. When you find one style that is hot and that you can wear, its exact opposite will surely be on the list of the trends. That is true for clothing and for shoes. You can always go for the chunky options but the really elegant stiletto is 100% on the list of what should be bought. Add Altuzarra stockings and open toe sandals to the thin stiletto and the result is simply stunning.

Rounded Heels

The heels that are geometrically shaped are definitely incredibly attractive this year. It is also true for the summer trends. This does include circular design. We saw rounded heels in the past seasons but they are featured in so many of the hot summer options. Jacquemus has a very interesting color blocking option on the market that you may want to learn more about. If you look more you will find more options that can be considered.