Stylish Male Celebrities You Absolutely Have To Follow

Laura Tolentino

Stylish Male Celebrities You Absolutely Have To Follow

Stylish Male CelebritiesStyle icons like Pharrell and George Clooney are always in the spotlight but the truth is that there are many others you do want to consider. There are so many stylish male celebrities out there. In this list we will focus on those that always look great, on the red carpet and when going out for a snack. Check this out. Every one of these are going to be great fashion icons to follow.

Lucky Blue

You may not know Lucky Blue but he is the most famous of all the male models on Instagram. His genes are definitely great but that is just the start. All his tees, leathers and jeans are awesomely chosen. There is an innate style that you cannot dismiss: mall-rat hoodies, platinum hair and Levi’s jackets. His style screams fashion.


Luxury equals comfort with Drake. Clothes will fit loose and swag is present. Many of the outfits he wears are perfect for playing or watching sport, making his entire style scream out power. He can enter wherever he wants without having to wear the collared shirt. This is a look that is perfect for Drake. The rapper even started a fashion line that is filled with sporty jackets, fleece sweatshirts and cotton tees.


Future’s style is almost always the same but this does not mean it is dull. You see the teardrop crown of the traditional fedora, the Outback flair and much more. His hat is most likely the most recognizable of all the clothes he often wears, with hundreds of thousands of people looking for one right now. Future basically manages to take geezer hats and transform them into great streetwear.

Idris Elba

Idris Elba is definitely a fashion superstar. He relishes every single opportunity to dress up and takes the black tie to a whole new level. The monochrome broody Giorgio Armani suit simply radiates strong masculinity. Idris Elba is seen by many as being the future James Bond superstar. Whether or not this is the case is irrelevant in the fashion world since he does perfectly nails style.

Eddie Redmayne

It is really easy to hire stylists to look great in a suit. What is really tough is when you want to dress casually and maintain style. This is where a strong fashion sense steps in to help. Eddie Redmayne is definitely one of those with that fashion style. He is a European that really shows us that style is better on that continent. Even when he just goes to buy something from the local store he looks incredible.

Ryan Reynolds

If we talk about men and fashion, Ryan Reynolds needs to be on the list. He perfectly controls the subtle details that make outfits wonderful. Classics are twisted in a way that will keep everyone interesting. Who knew that you can make Burberry really classy with just some small modifications? Ryan Reynolds makes everything special with very small extra elements like flowers, coffee beans and paisley prints.