The Complete Guide That Makes Wearing Necklaces Correctly Simple

Laura Tolentino

Young fashionable woman wearing luxury pendant

Wearing necklaces can mean the world to people. Some people have necklaces they treasure, because they’re heirlooms or important gifts, and some people just love to accessorize.

Many of us having been wearing necklaces for as long as we can remember.

That doesn’t mean we were always doing it right though! There are ways to wear necklaces that make them look best and do them the most justice.

So how do you know how to wear a necklace in a way that will make it look best?

Balance With Your Outfit

You should make sure the necklace you’re wearing is balanced with your outfit.

For example, if you’re wearing a busy outfit with lots of bright colors and bold patterns, a statement necklace may not be the best choice. Instead, opt for something more simple, subdued, and elegant. 

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a simple necklace with a simple outfit, but if you’re wearing something plain, consider breaking your statement necklace out then!

Consider Skin Tone

Classically, it’s said that a silver necklace suits people with cool skin, and a gold necklace suits people with warm skin. While there’s no hard and fast rule about that — wear what you prefer! — there can be some truth in what looks best, and that’s why it’s important to figure out your skin tone

You can always mess with the rules too. For example, white gold can look just as good as silver on people with cool skin!

Pair Well With Other Jewelry

Make sure your necklace pairs well with your other jewelry. For example, you can match metals or stones, or just check they don’t clash.

For example, if you have a large statement ring, a simple necklace may suit it better. The different types of necklaces suit different things. 

There is an old rule about not mixing gold and silver, but you should be aware that many people don’t follow this now. Gold and silver can look great mixed, and some necklaces even do it on the same chain!

Consider the Length

The length of your necklace is important, depending on the top you’re wearing. A long necklace can look great over a high-neck top, and a short necklace can look great on a lower-cut top.

The main rule is that the necklace should stand apart from the neckline of the top, and not merge together. 

Have a look here for some adjustable chains, as those can be very handy for switching up the length! Then you can wear them with any top or dress. 

Wearing Necklaces Is an Art Form

Wearing necklaces can seem simple, but it’s actually an art form to get it to look great! Don’t worry, though. If you follow these rules and add a little of your own creative flair, you can do it.

After all, rules are made to be broken, but make sure you break the right ones!

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