Your Ultimate Guide to Jewelry Chains

Laura Tolentino

What color are gold chains?

If you think a standard yellow gold chain is the only way to wear jewelry, then this article is for you.  The truth there are about 7 different types of gold colors you can use, such as rose, purple and white gold!

By adding new jewelry chains to your collection, you’ll be able to accessorize your outfits like never before. Instead of always going with a sophisticated or classy look, you can tie fun and casual elements too!

This jewelry guide will teach you about the different types of chains, and how to find the perfect one. We’ll even cover some of the best maintenance tips so your jewelry can look great year after year!

Read on to become a jewelry chain expert.

Jewelry Chain Types

Let’s start by reviewing the different jewelry chain types you can buy. For instance, there are cable, curb, rope, Singapore, and even box chains.

You can also go outside of the box by getting a Figueroa or Mariner chain to tie your outfit together. When it comes to picking the perfect chain, it’s all about matching the style with your personal flare.

Cable Chains

Cable jewelry chains look like they’ve been woven or braided. They also have a more textured, rustic, and loose look.

If you want to get your hands on one of these chains, then check out stores that sell handmade jewelry pieces. These locations are the most likely to store this type of chain in their inventory.

Curb Chain Jewelry 

If you’ve ever studied the anatomy of a snake, then you may have seen that snakes have small bones in their throats. These are called the “curb” and it is now widely used when manufacturing chains. 

It’s really cool to think about how trendy this type of chain has become over the years. You’ll find this type of chain in many hardware stores and it’s probably the most popular jewelry chain that you can buy on the market today.

Rope Chain Jewelry

Rope chains are made from braided leather or fabric. They also have a very loose, textured, and almost fragile look to them. You can find this type of chain at vintage stores or even in some jewelry retail shops. If you really love the look and feel, then you can also create your own by braiding a leather belt or strip of cloth that’s about one to 2 inches wide using your fingers.

Singapore Jewelry Chain Types

Singapore chains are also commonly known as Dai-Viet chains because they’re really popular in Vietnam. This kind of jewelry chain is usually made from black or white cotton and can be worn on virtually any outfit. They don’t have a very wide range of uses but they’re one the most simple, stylish, and inexpensive ways to accessorize your outfits.

Box Jewelry Styles

Box chains are made from black or white cotton that’s been stitched together. They come with a square or rectangular clasp and they’re one of the most popular types of necklaces to buy today.

You can find box chains in almost any department store, hardware store, and even in bead stores online as well. This just goes to show how versatile this type of jewelry chain is.

You’ll also find a wide variety of chain styles on sites like Dreamland Jewelry. When you’re shopping for jewelry online, only buy from suppliers that provide photos of the chains.

Figueroa Jewelry Chain Styles

The Figueroa chain was created by an American who lived in Puerto Rico. It’s sometimes called Puerto Rican or Mayan links and it has a very unique and different look compared to other jewelry chains. This was popular in the ’80s and ’90s but it seems like it might make a comeback because of how unique this type of chain is.

Mariner Chain Jewelry Appeal

Mariner chains, also known as Flora chains, are made from little flowers or leaves that are clustered together. These little designs can be made from plastic, metal, or even wood. Due to the nature of this type of chain, it’s best used with gypsy outfits rather than with more modern pieces.

Unfortunately, none of these chains really go well with most modern clothing styles and accessories. However, you can easily use them to bring life to certain outfits that would look too plain otherwise.

Black Strap Chain Benefits

Black leather chains aren’t found at your local jewelry store. They’re usually made by hand and you’ll have to go into an online store or a leather store to actually purchase one of these. They’re quite expensive and usually cost around $100 or more, so make sure that you really like it before you commit to making a buy.

How to Maintain Jewelry Chains

Now, let’s look at the best practices when it comes to caring for your jewelry chains.  If you want your jewelry to last,  you’ll have to give it a little extra care. You don’t want to wear your jewelry chain 24/7 because doing so can cause damage. Not only that, but you don’t want to wear the same jewelry chain every day as well.

You need to make sure that you take off your jewelry chain when you go to sleep. That tight, sweaty feeling can irritate your skin and cause irritation over time, especially if you wear the same jewelry chain every day for years. Also, don’t spray perfume or other chemicals on your jewelry chain. These chemicals can discolor both the metal and metal alloys used to make it.

Next,  make sure that you don’t wear your jewelry chain in the shower or when swimming. These hot liquids can damage your jewelry, especially if it’s made from gold. 

If you follow all of these jewelry maintenance steps, then there’s a good chance that your jewelry chain will last for years to come. If not, then you’ll have to take more extreme measures like bringing it to an expert jeweler who can polish it back to its original state. As mentioned above though, this is only necessary after many years of everyday use without proper maintenance on your end.

Complete Your Outfit

There you have it! A thorough introduction to the different types of jewelry chains, and how to care for them. Take a few moments to look at the different styles today. 

Next, look at photos of the different chains to appreciate their style. Notice how the braided chains have a casual look, whereas Singapore chains are a bit more classy. 

Finally, pick a chain that would make you happy and start saving up to buy it. For more tips, read another article.