The Hottest 90s Fashion Trends Are Making a Comeback

Laura Tolentino

denim overalls - 90s fashion

denim overalls - 90s fashionFashion trends of the 1990s were an eclectic blend of old and new; some styles harked back to earlier eras while others hinted towards what people believed would happen during this millennium. 90s fashion is back.

Oversized graphic tees for both men and women were an easy, casual way to make a statement. Grunge-style ensembles typically included band shirts and denim overalls; animal print clothing (particularly leopard patterns) also became increasingly fashionable during this era.

Babydoll Dresses

Babydoll dresses were initially intended as nightwear. Over time however, these short, flowy dresses became one of the most beloved fashion trends among young girls and teenagers in the ’90s, especially as worn by pop icons such as Britney Spears or members of the Spice Girls. Now making a comeback among fashion enthusiasts like Britney Spears or members of the Spice Girls. Now fans of ’90s fashion are appreciating this throwback style for its playful charm and embracing it wholeheartedly!

Another ’90s fashion trend to make a comeback is Rose McGowan’s iconic bucket hat from Jawbreaker, now making an appearance once more. Not only did it add instant nostalgia to any ensemble but was also ideal for beach days and festivals alike!

Baby tees were an influential 90s fashion trend that celebrated minimalism, serving as a prelude to crop tops that became so fashionable later in the decade. Celebrities and average girls alike favored these clothing pieces – even full House’s Hilda Bergeron was known to wear one on Saved by the Bell! A certain starlet from Heathers even donned them!

One-piece clothing like rompers and jumpsuits were widely worn throughout the ’90s, from models to punk rockers – this trend reflected youth culture while giving fashion fans the chance to express themselves through clothing choices.

Scrunchies were another essential item in 90s fashion, available in various colors and fabrics. Teen girls especially loved these hair accessories that could add a pop of color or create a cute, messy bun – they were must-haves for any cool kid and were especially popular among them. They could often be found adorning high ponytails as seen in music videos of favorite bands; and in music videos themselves!


In the 1990s, overall denim pants became an icon of casual style for men who loved looking their best on casual dates or casual events. Pair these trousers with anything from t-shirts or tank tops for a more laidback vibe to formal wear such as blazers and button-up shirts for date nights!

Oversized t-shirts became a fashion statement during the ’90s, featuring graphic logos of popular brands with stylish graphic logos of popular t-shirt brands and often worn with baggy jeans for a grunge look. Roxy, Billabong, and O’Neill shorts became must-haves among surfers; a style that has recently made a comeback.

Penny loafers were once synonymous with school uniforms but experienced an unexpected revival during the ’90s as fashion-forward fashion shoes. Coming in multiple colors and with options such as buckles or embellishments to further customize them for younger consumers’ individuality and unique styles, penny loafers became immensely popular with young people of that generation.

Designer brand-name clothing became more accessible during the 1990s due to celebrities and other high-profile figures becoming more visible, and people having access to fashion-focused media. Furthermore, fashion designers began producing increasingly affordable versions of their signature designs.

Not long ago, board shorts were worn only by surfers; today they’re worn by young people across all fields and genders to stay cool in the summer heat. Longer styles for men can also help them stay comfortable.

Neon windbreakers were popular choices among those looking to express themselves through fashion in an eye-catching and bold way, such as sports enthusiasts, travelers, or anyone who enjoyed wearing something with vibrant hues that stood out. Today these jackets remain fashionable with their lightweight construction making them easy to pair with different clothing styles.


TikTok or Instagram users might have noticed that many ’90s trends we loved (or hated) are back. From scrunchies to mom jeans, iconic styles from that decade are making a comeback among both millennials and Gen Z alike. From Fanny packs to bucket hats–you’ll see this throwback style everywhere from social media posts and stores–proving fashion’s ever-evolving nature.

One of the resurgent trends from the ’90s is chokers. These cinch-around necklaces were popular with both men and women; velvet was especially sought-after. Chokers could be made of any material; small charms or puka shells often adorned them, as could religious symbols like crosses or hearts to express feelings more religiously or romantically. Furthermore, chokers became symbols for particular cultures while providing individuals an avenue to express themselves individually.

Not just chokers were popular during this era; rings and hoop earrings were especially fashionable, adorning the ears, wrists, and necks of both men and women alike. Such accessories added an air of glamour to any look worn by celebrities like Drew Barrymore – which added an element of flair to every ensemble worn during these times.

G-Shock watches were an integral part of life during the ’90s, providing both style and function. Perfect for grunge-inspired looks, these large and chunky watches were ideal for creating an aesthetic with grunge elements while simultaneously serving their purpose by storing phone numbers or loading games directly onto them. A must-have among young girls and teens at that time as well as professional women in business settings alike, G-Shock watches became symbols of wealth and status that many considered an absolute necessity in their daily lives.

G-Shock Watches

Fashion in the 1990s embraced rebellion with fashionable outfits that celebrated individualism: grunge and minimalism were popular styles while hip-hop inspired casual fabrics, sports details, and schoolgirl looks. Celebrities served as style icons by wearing their personal interpretations of ’90s fashion: Kate Moss famously donned “heroin chic,” while Gwen Stefani created grunge-influenced outfits for waif models while Britney Spears, Madonna, and the Spice Girls celebrated individualism by showing their individual sartorial choices.

The ’90s are back, and with it come some of their most iconic fashion trends. Scrunchies to Mom jeans – some beloved (or reviled) of them all! – can now be found resurfacing online platforms like TikTok or fashion magazines; chokers, midi skirts, and cropped cardigans from back then are even back in stock at retailers like WalMart!

The 1990s was the decade that first marked a more casual, laid-back style, but also marked an age of new technology. As internet use increased and television channels showed fashion-centric shows, famous designers like Versace and Tommy Hilfiger became accessible to everyday people.

2022 marks a return of ’90s fashions. Choker necklaces remain must-have accessories; made of stretchy plastic with designs resembling tattoos, they sit tight around the neck adding drama to any ensemble. Combat boots also made a comeback in this decade, often worn with cardigans, rock tees, and ripped jeans; Birkenstocks and Converse Chuck Taylors were popular choices during that era as well.

Bomber Jackets

Long before Tom Cruise and Natalie Portman donned them in Top Gun, bomber jackets were an iconic military fashion piece. Initially known as flight jackets, these versatile outerwear pieces were intended to keep pilots comfortable during non-insulated plane flights. Over time they became fashionable due to being worn by rappers and grunge musicians as part of their everyday attire.

As Nirvana and Pearl Jam became mainstream bands, grunge style became an incredibly trendy look of the 90s, particularly during concerts like their tours. Dark flannel shirts with ripped jeans often worn with Doc Martens or combat boots were common; polished preppy aesthetics often saw plaid mini skirts worn with tank tops and blazers seen in MTV music videos and movies such as Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time.” Sperry boat shoes from that period have made a comeback along with retro-inspired mesh tops and logo bags from that decade!

Pleather has made a ’90s fashion comeback, becoming popular again for dresses, skirts, and blouses as well as purses in this decade. Not just women have taken up this style: men too have started sporting it.

Other popular 90s fashion trends that have returned in style include oversized sports jerseys, cropped T-shirts, and tracksuits. Many celebrities and influencers embraced this athletic-inspired look; performers wore baggy athletic clothing while performing live, which later became casual wear outside of live performance settings.

Sportswear brands introduced high-tech performance gear in the ’90s that remains popular today, such as clothing with moisture-wicking properties like dri-fit material or moisture-wicking materials that feature moisture management properties like dry-fit fabric. Such activewear was often designed specifically for athletic activities – even making an appearance at the Olympic games!