The Oxford – A Gentleman’s Shoe

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From classic whole-cut Oxfords that will shine at any formal reception to understated brogues, there’s no dress attire these shoes won’t pair beautifully with. Even casual looks such as jeans and a tee can look fantastic when worn together!

Oxford-inspired shoes make a timeless addition to your wardrobe and will always have their place! Continue reading for tried-and-true ways of styling these eye-catching pieces.

Modern Oxford

Oxford is internationally-recognized for its universities and colleges, which attract some of the brightest students from all around the globe. Oxford also houses Oxford University Press as well as UK offices of Wiley-Blackwell and Elsevier – lending it a strong publishing industry presence – making it a sought-after destination for scholars, researchers, tourists, cultural events, sporting competitions, etc.

The Oxford shoe is an elegant closed-lacing shoe with laces that close neatly in front of it, making it the most formal of footwear styles. Typically seen worn with formal attire for black tie events; however, casual events also can include wearing one underneath a sports coat.

Oxford shoes can be found in many colors, though the most prevalent one is black. Other popular hues include tan, cognac and oxblood and can come with either full or half heels; an alternative option would be a plain Oxford style without leather caps on its toe box and any broguing, making this style very versatile.

If you want an Oxford style shoe but cannot afford new pairs, consider searching pre-loved markets instead. High-end brands often appear here and you could likely get one for less than the cost of having it resoled; Raphael has had success finding pre-owned Gaziano & Girling oxfords on eBay which have served him well over time. Or alternatively you could contact a custom shoemaker and have one made specifically to your specifications.

Plain Toe

Are You A Gentleman Looking for Elegant and Classy Dress Shoes? Oxfords Are A Must Have In Any Gentleman’s Wardrobe

Oxford shoes feature an easy, closed lacing system that makes tying easier. In addition, their sleek and sophisticated style make them suitable for almost any event – they are typically constructed of high-quality leather in colors ranging from light tan to deep espresso for every event and season.

Oxford shoes first became fashionable at Oxford University when students sought something more comfortable than rigid boots they wore prior. By creating a style somewhere between low slipper-like evening pumps and Balmoral boots, these students created something casual yet still formal enough for tuxedo wear at galas or other black tie events.

Oxfords have quickly become an iconic of men’s style, making them one of the most desired dress shoe options available to them. While other dress shoe options exist for them to choose from, Oxfords are an ideal way to appear refined yet individualistic at once.

The Oxford’s minimalist design makes it the ideal accompaniment for almost any look, from formal to business casual attire and weddings – as its versatility allows it to pair easily with almost any ensemble or tuxedo ensemble. In fact, a pair of Oxford dress shoes could even serve as the finishing touch to complete your ensemble!

Cap Toe

Cap toe dress shoes are an indispensable component of every wardrobe. Their closed lacing system and sleek style make them a versatile piece that pairs well with both formal and professional outfits alike, such as weddings. Their closed lacing system and sleek styling makes them particularly suitable for formal events requiring suit jackets such as tuxedos. There is an abundance of styles available ranging from light colored leather for spring/summer occasions through rich autumn burgundy shades before being transformed into timeless black models during winter season.

Cap toe oxfords feature an unusual toe cap made up of stitching across the front of their upper, creating a rounded shape adorned with broguing or other details. Their versatile styling also makes them an excellent alternative to formal footwear if you want something less restrictive for casual events.

These formal Oxfords are considered one of the more formal types of oxford shoes and should be worn with morning dress or dinner suits, although they can also be worn to work if paired with smart casual suits and tailored trousers for less formal environments. Black might look best when combined with dark tweeds and seersucker fabrics; we do not advise pairing black with these materials however.

An Oxford is a staple in men’s fashion and many of the world’s leading male celebrities regularly sport them with formal looks. Actors such as Brad Pitt and Eddie Redmayne can often be found wearing Oxfords with casual wear such as jeans and button-up shirts while maintaining an impeccable level of style. Furthermore, numerous high-profile business tycoons and politicians such as Warren Buffet, Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron have been seen sporting these iconic dress shoe styles.


Wingtip Oxford shoes are a more flamboyant version of cap toe Oxford shoes, featuring a brogue detail that extends from the tip to front in an “W” pattern resembling wings. They are often worn with formal attire such as suits or tailcoats; their lacy eyelets may be raised higher for greater visibility and impactful statement footwear options. Pair your Wingtip Oxford dress shoes with dark brown trousers and sportcoat for an approachable yet sophisticated business casual look!

Wingtip shoes offer men looking to add flair and personality to their wardrobe an option with more pronounced detailing that can add a pop. Crafted from premium leather, they’re suitable for both khakis and dark-colored trousers – and even stylish social events and business environments alike! Incorporating more intricate detailing, these versatile footwear options can also serve as a stylish alternative to classic black Oxfords that can easily match multiple outfits.

Oxford shoes are an ideal way to impress at any business event or add sophistication and class to a suit, adding that extra touch that sets it apart. Their timeless design and elegant silhouette add sophistication and class to any ensemble, making the Oxford an indispensable wardrobe piece. And with so many variations and color choices available to you, you are bound to find your ideal pair for every outfit!


No matter if it is for formal or casual events, Oxfords remain timeless classics. From iconic cap toe designs to sleek wingtip styles, Oxford shoes have something suitable for every event and outfit – choose the appropriate pair to elevate your style!

Oxford shoes feature closed channel lacing that adds an elegant, sophisticated detail, with single seam at the heel that contributes to their sleek appearance. Their construction, which utilizes Goodyear welt and leather sole construction techniques, makes them reliable and long-wearing.

As a traditional style, Oxford shoes are best suited to men with narrow feet due to their closed lacing design, which may limit how easily the shoe fits. There are various styles and sizes available that cater to different foot shapes; however those with wider feet might benefit from trying a different pair of footwear instead.

Color wise, dark shades make an excellent statement in an office or tuxedo setting, while brown is another versatile choice that complements almost all looks.

Although Oxford shoes can be worn casually, it is wise to select more formal fabrics such as jeans or khakis when pairing these shoes with casual wear – they will likely clash too much! If you opt for more relaxed wear with your Oxfords, choose darker hues to prevent clashing.

Although Oxfords are timeless fashion classics, not everyone appreciates them. Some dislike its tight fit and lack of decorative accents; others may find the closed lacing too restrictive or uncomfortable to wear. Although not for everyone, if you are willing to take the risk, the rewards could well justify themselves!