Top 4 branded ladies watches


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In this constantly changing world, there is nothing that stays permanent and trendy ladies watches are no exception. In the past, watches were just devices to indicate time but now they are much more than that. They are the symbol of status. Like everything else, the ladies watches are also available in both low prices and high prices. The people who love a bit of luxury always go after branded watches. Even though they are a bit costly, they have a whole lot of benefits associated with them. The ladies watches are now considered as fashion accessory and they come in a variety of designs and sizes from which you can select the one that wins your heart. Top 4 branded ladies watches are listed below.



Not a lot of people will be familiar with the Guess watches but over the past few years they have turned into one of the topmost brands. The fame is mainly due to their large collection of high-end ladies watches. Stainless steel is the material used to manufacture these luxurious watches and they don’t get corroded easily. The watches are luxurious in all aspects as their dials are decorated using pearls and diamonds. They are generally quartz powered. The earlier versions of the Guess watches had a lower case diameter but now the diameter measures up to 33 mm.



Chopard is a Swiss based Watch Company that is hugely popular for its ladies watches. They are most famous for making classic designs. Their exquisite designs are eye-catching and tempt the ladies to own them. Lately they have been producing chronographs which have gained a huge popularity in no time. The masculine looking chronographs look like smaller variants of men’s watches. The company also produces sports style outdoor watches especially for ladies. The Chopard watches are highly expensive and the majority of them contain diamonds on their dials.



By FrankWilliams (english wikipedia) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By FrankWilliams (english wikipedia) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Rolex is a brand that needs no introduction. They have been world famous since their introduction and continue to dominate the world market. The reputation of the company is so huge and their designs are as attractive as ever. Rolex is a brand that is not limited to the manufacture of ladies watches. They produce tremendous and sleek designs for both men and women. Rolex is the only brand to produce larger dials for women like the ones of men’s watches. Like every other watch the company introduced, the big dials also became a trend. Their main focus is on workmanship and this is the reason behind their success.



Tissot is another brand that does not need any introduction. Initially the brand did not produce any ladies watches but as the time progressed the trends began to demand those watches. The first ladies watch was worn by race driver Danica Patrick. She was a very popular figure in those days and the watches also began gaining popularity ever since. They have released a wide variety of models for both men and women.


Are you not aware of the top brands of ladies watches? Then consider this article which will give you a perfect idea about branded watches. So, try to select one that suits your personality and style.