5 Wonderful Jewellery Trends in 2013


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Bridal jewellery has never been more lovely, fun and affordable. Coloured diamonds and rhinestones are one of the hottest bridal jewellery trends. When you begin the journey of selecting the perfect bridal jewellery pieces, keep in mind the style of your wedding gown. You want to select pieces that will beautifully enhance your gown style. Accessories can really make an outfit and items below represent some of the most current trends in jewellery for brides or bridesmaids.


Bib Necklaces 

Bib necklaces with glamorous diamonds and rhinestones will add drama and elegance to your wedding gown. This style of necklace will surely turn heads as you walk down the aisle. Bib necklaces are best worn with a simple but elegant styled gown with little embellishment. A simple off-the-shoulder gown would look stunning accessorised with a sparkly bib necklace.


Rhinestone Statement Pins 

Nothing adds more glamour to a wedding dress than a bold, dramatic statement pin accented with coloured diamonds. Attach the pin to the shoulder of your dress, at the centre of a sash, or beautifully placed on the side of an upswept hairstyle. If you’ve selected a gown that is heavily embellished with rhinestones or pearls, place the pin at the centre of your bouquet for added glamour.


By Naomi King
By Naomi King

Diamond Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings embellished with diamonds is a look that would compliment most brides and dress styles. Wearing your hair up or pulled back would be a stunning way to showcase your diamond hoop earrings. Hoop earrings are available in all sizes and shapes. Wear a small hoop if your wedding gown is simple with a high collar, or choose a large hoop if you are wearing a one shoulder or strapless silk gown.


Wide Cuff Bracelets 

Imagine how stunning a wide cuff bracelet embellished with crystals and pearls would look with a sleeveless chiffon wedding gown. For the fashion-forward bride, wear a wide cuff on each wrist for added drama and pizzazz. A gown that features an intricate beaded bodice would be the perfect design choice if the bride chooses wide cuff bracelets as her main pieces of jewellery.


Rhinestone Barrettes 

Sometimes all the bride needs is a little sparkle, especially if your gown is intricately detailed with sequins and beads. Add a barrette at the front of your hair or on each side of a pulled back hairstyle for a subtle touch of elegance that will enhance any embellished wedding gown.