Top Mistakes Women Make When Buying Bras

Laura Tolentino

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Did you ever end up buying a bra that looked great at first glance but when you tried it at home, it was not great? Contrary to what you may be tempted to believe, the truth is that buying a bra is not as easy as you may think. In fact, most women make mistakes and do not buy what they should. With this in mind, here are the facts that you have to remember, the mistakes that you should never make when you buy a bra.

Band Size Too Large

The perfect bra for you is obviously the one that is a perfect fit. Many women need help when referring to the perfect fit. Out of all the mistakes made when buying bras, the one that is the most common is purchasing one with a band size that is simply too large while the cup is too small. Professionals will tell you that a common correction made is making the band one size smaller. If the band is not tight enough, your bra will not offer the lift and support it has to offer. Straps end up digging inside your shoulders.

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Cup Size Too Small

Statistics show that many women end up choosing bras with 3 cup sizes too small. You should never think about the letter that the cup goes up to. This A to D system is not actually the only thing you should consider. It is not even realistic based on the options we have access to today. If the cup size is larger, you make sure that you have proper support and there is no spillage. You have to be sure that cup size is correct or you will not feel great while wearing the bra.

Not Considering New Bras

So many women find a bra that they love and always buy it. This is definitely not a good idea. Your body constantly changes and simply because you wore something in the past and it was perfect does not mean that this is also the case. Make sure that you try out new textiles, cuts, styles and even size sin the event that you do not feel 100% comfortable. It is a great idea to try all options from the demi-cups to the push-ups so that you see what your body needs.

Only Thinking About Breasts

Although it may seem weird, you should think about other body parts when you buy your bra. If you just stay focused on the breasts, you will make a mistake. As a very simple example, balcony shaped bras are perfect for women that have a broader back. Similarly, low cuts in the balcony bras will be perfect for wide-set breasts.

Never Asking For Help

It is really difficult to shop for a bra if you have no idea what you have to look for. All bra experts will tell you that you have help available online and from stores. All that you have to do is find a bra expert and ask for a fitting.