Casual Chic Fashion Style

Laura Tolentino

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The casual fashion style is no longer recommended only for the weekend and you can easily adopt it during the week days as well; both evening and morning outfits work. This is because the casual style met a friend a few years ago: mister chic. Chic transforms any outfit that might seem trivial at first sight into something sophisticated, feminine and fun to wear. Furthermore, if you adopt the casual chic style, you will have more options available, because the rule in this domain is simple: just pick a few basic clothes and match them in different ways with accessories.

The rules changed, especially in this winter season that is almost over. Casual chic style, if it is correctly adopted, puts an accent on personal comfort, without having to make sacrifices in order to be well dressed and sophisticated.

Here are some casual chic pieces:

casual chic fashion style 2

– Stripes are always in fashion. You can choose both horizontal and vertical format, depending on your taste;

– Large pants work with almost anything and they are super comfortable;

– Skinny jeans allow you to dress in any way you want – you can wear them during the day, at your office or even during the night, because they look good with high heels and any other kind of shoes;

– Combine tights with a large shirt and a tight sweater around the wrist and wear some sport shoes – it’s almost the definition of the casual chic style;

– A nice blazer will make any outfit look pretentious;

– A plaid shirt with buttons is a must have in any wardrobe. You can wear it in any way you want;

Some rules before you decide to choose the casual chic style:

casual chic fashion style 3

Hats, sunglasses, scarves, belts and hair accessories have a huge impact and they represent something that you should focus on if you want to be chic. Accessorizing is the basic rule and it transforms any simple, casual outfit into something extremely chic.

Dancers and any other casual shoes – dressing casual chic doesn’t mean you need to give up wearing high heels, even though the casual shoes are a great way to give your legs a break. Trendy boots complete a winter look while some dancers or sandals allow you to look great and feel great during the hot seasons. Yes, you can be feminine without high heels. Colorful sneakers are a fun way to ‘update’ any outfit.

Jewelries – the power of jewelries… you can remark them in any outfit. Any clothing is ‘revitalized’ when you accessorize it properly. This style is based on some basic pieces, so you could experiment with a big jewelry, like a necklace.

Also, you need to focus on the basic pieces. You know you have a casual chic style when you have some pieces that can be mixed and assorted in different ways at any time.

A white dress, a big brown bag, a pale sweater and some skinny jeans represent examples of pieces that can be worn with anything. Choose them carefully, because they will be your most important weapons – you will be able to combine them in many ways with the accessories we were talking about and you will have the possibility to have a really nice collection of different outfits.

Casual chic colors:

casual chic fashion style

Start with a basic palette, such as black and white. After that, add some colors like navy and green in order to keep your outfit sophisticated. Don’t be afraid to add pink or coral accents and try to have fun when you adopt this style.