How To Transform Your Work Look For An Evening Out – Without Changing

Most women find themselves in a situation that requires them to go from work to a date or evening event without having enough time to go home and change their clothes. Instead of panicking and going to the nearest shop to buy something or bringing a change of clothes that are considered appropriate for evening wear, plan ahead and learn how to transform your look for an evening out without changing.

There are a few simple things you can do to glow up your outfit, such as accessorizing and adding statement pieces but before talking about these things, we have to tell you that you have to carefully plan your outfit at home. Make sure you wear versatile pieces that can be accessorized or transformed into evening wear. Little black dress is a great choice. Wear a cardigan or a blazer over it at work to look more professional and remove the cardigan or blazer before going out after work. Cigarette pants or dark skinny jeans are other great options. Make sure you pair them with simple tops that can be accessorized or with chic and feminine tops. If you want a sexy evening outfit, wear a camisole underneath a blazer for work and remove the blazer before going out after work.

A daytime outfit can be easily transformed into an amazing evening outfit if you add the right accessories. You can do that with jewelry, you can do that with bags or you can do that with statement scarves. Yes, scarves can be glamorous accessorize, they are not only for cold evenings!

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are such an obvious choice but most of us forget about them when we go to work. If you are wearing a classic little black dress with a blazer for work, removing the blazer and adding chandelier earrings is all you have to do to go from work attire to party attire in just a matter of seconds.

Layering Necklaces or Wearing Glamorous, Statement Jewelry

Layering jewelry is another great way to glamorize a simple, work outfit. Most women wear minimal jewelry to work and adding a couple of necklaces can change the entire aspect of the outfit. If you are the type of woman who wears jewelry to work, make sure the accessories you choose for the evening are glamorous or statement jewelry that will instantly change the way you look.

Statement Bags

If wearing statement jewelry is not really your thing, go for a statement bag instead. It’s easy to bring a bold and stylish clutch to work since it will easily fit into your daytime bag. Make sure you choose an embellished clutch or a sparkly cross-body bag that will bring your outfit out of anonymity and into the spotlight.

Statement Scarves

As we already mentioned, scarves are more than a piece of material that keeps your neck warm during cold days. Scarves can be bold, beautiful, and perfect for an evening out. If you wear a simple dress, a bold colorful scarf will add a bright pop of color to your outfit. Animal print scarves are also amazing. You can also find embellished scarves or other stylish scarves that can easily transform an outfit. Make sure you have one at home for when you need to transform your look for an evening out without changing.

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