How To Wear Your Brand New Midi Skirt

Laura Tolentino

The midi skirt is an item that should basically look great on everyone but so many mistakes can be done without even figuring out that they are done. Wearing the midi skirt can be done with true style through any of the tips that we highlight below. Use them to look so much better than you would if you do not take the tips into account.

Wearing Statement Shoes

We should look at the length of the midi skirt to see that we can easily add a very nice statement shoe to the mix. The heel is something that you do want to consider and flats should not actually be allowed. Opt for the heel shoes with details that are interesting. For instance, a lace-up bootie can easily continue the lean, long line of a midi skirt.

Statement Prints And Hues

The idea is to try to go for something that is unexpected. The gray and black midi skirts can only be described as chic but you can definitely go for injecting some pattern and color into the classic silhouette. The choice that you will make is quite statement-making. We can say that it is a wonderful counterpoint to the fall days that are dreary and the way in which basically all people expect to see the midi skirt.

Playful Socks

Women tend to wear midi skirts when the weather gets colder. If this is the case, why not go for some statement playful socks. They can be great without making a compromise on fashion and style. If the look you want is cool and warm, knitted socks can work wonders instead of tights. The idea is you create a street style that would even be suitable when you walk the best fashion streets in Paris.

Details Details Details

Having well-placed details are going to work great. For instance, use something that is oversized to modify the look of a midi skirt to something everyone will love. A wrap style is a great idea to obtain a feel that is really lean.


The traditional midi skirt will not really show leg. However, there is no rule that you cannot. Push convention limits and then use a truly thigh-high slit that is going to offer that sexy vibe nobody expects with such a skirt. Pair it with a boot that is over-the-knee and you even have something appropriate for dealing with the really cold weather.