Vintage Clothes Shopping Tips To Help You Find Great Deals

Laura Tolentino

Just as you surely know, it is not that easy to find clothes that were hot some decades ago. Most people looking for vintage clothes want to find budget-friendly, high-quality items but this is so much easier said than done. If you want to find something that is truly wonderful, you want to think about the following tips, mentioned right after we clarify what we mean through vintage clothes.

Vintage – Understanding What It Truly Is

A vintage look does not make clothes vintage. We define vintage as being anything older than 25 years, illustrative of the era when it was made and of a high quality. Many celebrity style icons embraced the style like Alexa Chung, Nicole Kidman and Chloe Sevigny. This only made vintage more popular and now we notice that men and women from all around the world look for vintage clothes.

Vintage clothing shopping is not easy to do. You can find some truly wonderful budget-friendly items or you can be ripped off. If you want to buy something that is wonderful, you want to be careful. Start by thinking about where you can surely find some wonderful vintage clothes:

  • Salvation Army – Goodwill

Here you can find really low prices and occasional gems. The only problem is that you can be faced with sifting through duds.

  • Thrifts Shops – Flea Markets

The prices are great but the items are normally not curated. You will need to look hard and it is so easy to end up buying occasional overpriced clothes and fake designer prices.

  • Vintage Shops

Everything is curated but you will pay more. All the staff will be really happy to help you out but if you decide to go to the really expensive shops in the middle of the town, you will pay so much. Consider rural and off-the-beaten path opportunities.

  • Vintage Shows

The selection is almost always huge, there is an entrance fee and prices are quite high. It is so easy to be overwhelmed. If you visit the vintage show, you want to be sure that you come up with a budget and a plan as you visit a vintage show.

  • Online Stores

It is quite obvious you will want to visit online stores. The vendors are curated, middling prices are present and the service is almost always good. However, you would need to deal with shipping costs and sizing is sometimes a huge problem. Be sure that you ask many questions.

Extra Tips For Vintage Clothes Shopping

So much can be said but you should always think about the following:

  • Measuring

When you buy vintage clothes you should never trust the official size mentioned. This is because sizes are much different now than what they used to be. Older clothing will have sizes that have nothing to do with what you wear now. It is important to measure and be sure what you buy will fit, especially when you buy from the internet.

  • Think About Altering

Vintage specialists will tell you that there is a modern hanger appeal that is created into the modern clothes. This means that the clothes look better when put on a hanger. This makes it much more likely to want to buy.  Look at the hanger and you can imagine how clothes will look on you. This is not the case with vintage clothes. There is actually a really good possibility that you will have to make some modifications. The good news is that altering is not a problem in most cases. Just be sure that you work with experienced seamstresses.