What To Wear When You Have A Pear Body Shape

Laura Tolentino

woman with pear body and a pear

What To Wear When You Have A Pear Body ShapeThe pear body shape is characterized by full thighs or hips. Sometimes saddle bags appear and the waist is always defined. Shoulders tend to be narrower than the hips and most women with a pear body shape have a small bust and a small top half.

If you are a pear body shape it can be natural or simply because the body lost or gained weight many different times. One thing that many do not know is that body shapes can change as time passes. Pear body shapes tend to have 2 extra tendencies you should be aware of:

  • When the top half is looking heavier (usually because the bust is large), the body leans towards a body shape that is full hourglass.
  • When weight gain normally goes to the tummy and bust areas the body tends to lean towards apple shape.

It is really important that you consider the different characteristics of your body type and what you are leaning for when choosing clothes. All the general rules mentioned above can be modified according to this.

Pear Body Shape General Rules – Creating Visual Balance

The top half should always be balanced with the lower half as you want to have clothes that make shoulders look broad. The tops and jackets have to finish below or above widest hips point and your bottom. Always try to balance top with the fuller bottom half.

Visual interest can be created by layering top half. This will draw the eye upwards. You should wear volume, pattern, top half color and clutter. Thighs and hips have to be narrower in appearance. Always wear fitted styles round the waist and accentuate waistline (as an example, consider fitted lines, wraps and empire lines). Do be sure that the shoulders look broader. You can use puffed sleeves, boleros, cap sleeve t-shirts and shoulder pads.

Always Avoid The Following

  • Bags that are sitting on the hips.
  • Trouser turn-ups, flared or wide leg lines, narrowing leg lines, leg line creases or pleats, cropped trousers, culottes and combat trousers.
  • Dropped panels or dropped waistlines.
  • Narrow shoulder lines or shoulder lines that are sloping.
  • Mini-skirts and hemlines that will finish on hips or another full leg point.
  • Ruffed or flared sleeve lines.
  • Pencil skirts or straight skirts.
  • Thigh pockets, patterns and details.
  • Hip belts.
  • Uggs, ankle straps, delicate footwear, shoes with kitten heals or ankle boots that have straps around the calf area.

These tips should help you out if you have a pear body shape but do not forget about what was said in regards to also taking into account your unique body characteristics. Also, do be sure you let your style shine. Every person needs a style and yours has to be your own. Copying too much is never a good idea.