Tips For Wearing A Mini Skirt Without Being Overexposed

Laura Tolentino

Tips For Wearing A Mini Skirt Without Being Overexposed

Wearing miniskirts can be tricky because you can look tacky if you are not careful at what you pair them with and how you choose them, however, if you follow our tips for wearing a miniskirt without being overexposed, you will look classy and stylish. Learn these tips and wear miniskirts with confidence and pride:

Find The Perfect Fit For Your Miniskirt

If you want to wear a miniskirt without worrying all day that you will show too much, find the perfect fit for your skirt. A skirt that is too big is problematic from obvious reasons, however, a skirt that is too small is just as problematic since you will spend a lot of time trying to keep your skirt in place. Experiment with different styles of miniskirts – A-line miniskirts are more flattering than other styles but body-con miniskirts can also look cute on you if you pair them with an oversized jacket for a casual outfit.

Find The Perfect Length For Your Miniskirt

The key to looking classy and stylish in a miniskirt is to find the perfect length for you. Different lengths work for different women so try on different miniskirts to see which one looks best on you. You want to be able to sit down in your miniskirt without exposing your underwear.

Wear The Miniskirt With A Simple Top

Looking good in a miniskirt is about balance. If you’re showing your legs, don’t show your cleavage too. Tops with long sleeves look better with miniskirts especially if you are not wearing tights. Plain T-shirts are also a good idea. Wearing a long cardigan on top of a T-shirt and a mini skirt can also look very stylish. The overall idea is to keep your outfit balanced and to not make the top part of your body to compete with your legs for attention.

Wear Modest Underwear Underneath Your Miniskirt

You shouldn’t wear a flowy miniskirt when it’s windy outside but weather can surprise us all so it is best to wear modest underwear underneath your skirt to avoid exposing your thong and everything that can be seen when you’re wearing a thong if you are unlucky enough to experience a Marilyn Monroe moment.

Wear Flat Shoes With Your Miniskirt

You might be tempted to wear stilettos or heels with your miniskirts because they lengthen the legs, however, heels and miniskirts can be too much so instead of heels go for flattering flats (flats that keep your ankles exposed) or wear flat over-the-knee boots in the same color as your skirt to create length or even with heavy duty boots if you don’t want your outfit to be too feminine. If you really want to wear heels, go for block heels that are not very high. This will create a very nice casual outfit that will still look classy and chic.

Accessorize Your Miniskirt With A Mini Bag

Take a look at the drop of your bag you want to take with you while wearing a miniskirt because the bag can make your skirt ride up and you want to avoid that. Choose s small handbag instead or an oversized clutch.

Keep The Outfit Simple

We already mentioned that your outfit should be simple if you are wearing a miniskirt but apply this rule to your entire outfit if you want to obtain a classic, effortlessly chic look.

Wear Tights

If you’re not comfortable with showing your legs, you can wear miniskirts with tights. This tip is not useful during summer months but miniskirts are not only for summer so you can wear them with tights during spring, fall and even during winter.