What Are Some Essentials That Every Jewelry Maker Needs to Have?

Laura Tolentino

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Female designer making new collection of jewelry

Making and wearing jewelry is a hobby as old as time. The oldest jewelry ever found was made from snail shells drilled with small holes and strung together. It’s around 75,000 years old!

Are you ready to join this tradition of self-expression and become a jewelry maker?

If you are a beginner jewelry designer it can be overwhelming to know where to start. It’s a good idea not to get bogged down with excessive tools and materials. Follow our jewelry checklist to learn a few of the essentials and start having fun!

Practice with Scrap Metals 

When developing your own jewelry-making style, it’s likely you’ll make some mistakes. You won’t want to invest in high-quality precious metals if you’re not confident with your jewelry-making skills.

Luckily you can buy scrap metals that are cheaper, so you won’t be wasting quality materials. Scrap metal is also eco-friendly!

Jewelry Maker Tools

You will need some basic tools of the trade to get started with jewelry making. There are an overwhelming amount of different pliers, cutters, wires, clasps, and hammers. However, these are a good starting point for beginners:

  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat need nose pliers
  • Flush wire cutters

The price of these items can vary. The more expensive tools will last you a lifetime. If you are just starting out and don’t want to invest in high-quality tools, an inexpensive set will work just fine!

Watch Online Tutorials

There is a wealth of knowledge on the internet and you can find great tips and techniques online from professional jewelry makers.

Have a search for some beginner online tutorials that will help you to learn the basics and teach you how to safely use your new tools and materials. 

Jewelry Cleaner Is Your Friend

Ever put a dirty coin in a glass of coke as a child and watch it come out sparkling? It’s the same with jewelry, except you can replace the coke for a good jewelry cleaning solution.

By investing in a good natural cleaner you can make your designs sparkle. When working with jewelry is easy for it to get covered in dirt and grime. You’ll be amazed at the difference in your designs once they’ve had a thorough clean!

If you’re selling your designs, polishing your jewelry with a cleaner will get rid of fingerprints and reflect the light in photographs. This will result in a professional finish and make your designs stand out. 

Use Your Imagination

You can find inspiration in anything. Creating amazing jewelry starts with you, so let yourself be inspired!

Whilst there are plenty of beautiful beads you can buy online, there are amazing materials available to you for free. Pebbles, shells, dried flowers, and twigs are just a few examples of free materials you can use to start making jewelry.

Ticked Off Your Jewelry Checklist?

Now you’ve got you’re head around the essentials you are ready to roll as a jewelry maker! Remember, basic tools, scrap materials, imagination, jewelry cleaner, and online tutorials are great ways to succeed in your new venture.

If you are feeling inspired, check out our fashion accessories section for some jewelry design ideas.