What to Wear in Barcelona

Laura Tolentino

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Ever wondered what to wear in Barcelona? Barcelona’s cosmopolitan atmosphere is filled with contrasts. Girls wearing bikinis and shorts on the beach coexist with high-end restaurants that require formal dress for both men and women alike.

Catalonians are well known to prefer figure-hugging clothing in darker autumnal tones; to avoid standing out as a tourist it pays to try dressing like them.


Jeans are an essential element in the wardrobes of both male and female visitors. They should be on the list of what to wear in Barcelona. A pair of jeans will keep you cool during the heat of summer while still being versatile enough for night-time rewear with different tops. Look out for linen-made denim cut-offs as these are popular with locals or perhaps opt for some comfortable espadrilles that add some flair of Spanish flair!

Light T-shirts or blouses can also make great additions to your Barcelona packing list, offering cooling comfort while shielding against the sun. Consider including one with some Spanish flair such as prints of Barcelona Cathedral or its iconic buildings or attractions in your selection. When visiting churches or mosques be sure to pack tops that cover your shoulders; most religious sites expect visitors to adhere to this custom and cover their shoulders accordingly.

Barcelona fashion designers are an incredible mix of culture and creativity, taking an almost Nordic approach to clothing design. You can find ethically produced clothes from designers such as Eiko Ai, young Julia G Escriba with seasonless clothes designed by her Rebel Root brand or more established designer like Miro.

While dressing freely in Barcelona can be relaxing and comfortable, visitors should avoid anything offensive, too revealing, or showing too much skin. While casual is the rule for dining and wine bars in this city, smarter clothing options might come in handy at upscale establishments or religious sites like Barcelona Cathedral; bring sweaters or cardigans for added warmth if visiting religious sites such as this cathedral. Those seeking something a bit more conservative will find plenty of stores offering modest priced dresses and tops in Barcelona.


Chinos are versatile pants that can help you dress up or down depending on the event or occasion, a big part of what to wear in Barcelona. In summer months, chinos make for great attire when visiting Barcelona’s landmarks and beaches, or when heading out in the evening for drinks at one of its many bars or restaurants.

Choose trousers made of lightweight fabric suitable for Barcelona’s climate when selecting trousers. Cotton denim may be popular among some communities in northern Europe and America; however, during spring and autumn seasons they could prove too warm. Instead, opt for lighter weight chino fabrics like wool, cotton or linen instead.

Chinos or corduroy trousers are an ideal way to create a versatile smart casual look during Barcelona’s cooler months, ideal for pairing with a shirt and cardigan for formal events like attending dinner. In winter months you could also pair these pants with a light weight blazer as an additional layer for added warmth if dining out is on your agenda.

Avoid wearing flip flops or sandals in the city as this will mark you out as a tourist. They may be acceptable on beaches and certain bars and clubs, though it would be best if these shoes were saved just for beach-going. Also avoid carrying around a bum bag; thieves often target these tourists wearing them as easy targets for theft.

An attractive yet comfortable pair of shoes or trainers are essential when visiting Barcelona, particularly for walking on rough cobbled surfaces. Flats may provide protection from cobbles. For anticipated rainstorms, waterproof closed-toe shoes are best.

As with any trip abroad, when packing for Barcelona it is essential that you respect its culture and dress appropriately for its seasons. Avoid looking like a tourist by planning ahead for what attire and accessories will best match local styles – it will only enhance your trip!

Travel umbrella

Assuming you don’t plan to spend most of your time at the beach, thongs or flip-flops should generally be avoided in Barcelona. Most locals view them as cheap and unsightly compared to high-quality leather sandals available throughout the city. In addition, it is illegal to walk bare chested through Barcelona streets so it is advisable that visitors always wear some form of top such as a light colored T-shirt or blouse when out and about in Barcelona’s streets.

Early spring can be cold in Barcelona, making a lightweight jacket essential to packing for a trip there. Denim jackets make great options because they layer easily with other pieces and can even be worn over dresses and skirts for cool mornings and evenings. Furthermore, denim jackets pair nicely with both jeans and chinos!

As temperatures begin to heat up in May, locals begin transitioning into their summer attire – but it’s still not quite hot enough for swimming, making a bikini or one-piece swimsuit an absolute necessity when traveling to Barcelona.

June, July and August temperatures can become oppressively warm; therefore it is wise to pack plenty of light-colored clothing to stay comfortable during these months. Beaches are popular places to hang out; however you should still bring along an umbrella just in case it cloud over.

Protecting yourself from the sun at this time of year with a hat or scarf is also advised, since its intensity can be intense. Furthermore, make sure to pack an effective sunscreen product.

Catalans tend to wear clothing in more subdued hues such as grey, black and beige during autumn and winter; sometimes adding pops of color through accessories; however most people opt for subdued attire that remains understated rather than flashy.

Women often pair jeans with long shirts or sweaters to protect their skin from the sun. As for footwear options, flats or sneakers with smart flatforms or sneakers for walking are always an appropriate choice; sneaker are especially practical since you’ll be able to walk for longer. Also remember to pack rainboots or waterproof sandals just in case it rains while out and about.

Comfortable footwear

No matter if your trip involves hitting the beaches during summer or exploring Montjuic Hill and Tibidabo, comfortable footwear is key for an enjoyable journey in Barcelona. Opt for shoes you know can support long distance walking without becoming sore; flip-flops should only be used at the beach; they’re not suitable sightseeing because Barcelona’s pollution makes their feet smell foul after only hours of wear! Instead, opt for leather sandals.

Pack smarter sneakers. A trusted pair will pair well with a denim skirt or dress and can be worn during evening walks around Barcelona’s bars, clubs, and restaurants. In fall/winter it would also be wise to include sturdy boots for added warmth and protection from rain and snow.

Barcelona’s weather can be unpredictable and quickly turn cold during spring and autumn mornings and evenings; therefore, bringing a light jacket and scarf should always be included when taking day trips during these seasons.

Bring along a blazer or bomber jacket when visiting Barcelona during winter; this can be worn over your sweater dress, jumper, black tights and boots or heels depending on your mood and occasion. Warm layers may also come in handy if visiting museums and art galleries!

As far as clothing goes, Barcelona is known to be quite conservative city; locals generally favor fitted styles and tend to dress quite smartly throughout the year. Topless dresses or thong bikinis are seldom seen in its city center.

Catalonians have an undying devotion to footwear, so when learning what to wear in Barcelona, it’s not hard to find excellent leather shoe stores throughout Barcelona. Perhaps most renowned is Corbeto’s, selling boots to Western culture fans since 1948 from its shop along the city’s promenade. A visit there will ensure you embodied that iconic cowboy style in style!