Why are women more comfortable with high heel shoes?


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If you are looking for shoes, chances are high that you are looking for comfortable women’s shoes. Millions of women are already wearing the Stilettos, but if you are among those who can’t bear the pain any longer, you should look for better alternatives and consequently, there is a huge opportunity for shoe companies to serve consumers who are starved for less pain and more comfort below the ankle.

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This explains the exponential rise in the demand for women’s shoes that are comfortable. As a matter of fact, a very small fraction of women actually consider shoes as a simple protection from the elements such as soil and heat. Instead, they are seen as the jewelry for the feet or a form of personal expression.

So when a woman puts on her shoes, say in the morning, she is essentially making a commitment for the rest of the day. Most women basically love shoes that make the best of their appearance. Unlike most men, who wear for functionality, most women wear shoes for what they make the look like.

So there comes a time when a lady is confronted between the choice to wear comfortable shoes and gorgeous shoes. Fortunately, this should not be a problem because comfort and beauty are not mutually exclusive elements. In fact, you can wear very beautiful, comfortable shoes. You do not have to choose one in place of the other.

Just because your feet have aged or is not in a great shape doesn’t mean that we stop loving shoes. For instance, if you grew up wearing beautiful high heels, discarding them can be a difficult decision if all they give you is pain and torture. Fortunately, there are many comfortable women’s high heels options. At least you do not want shoes that make you look like a granny.  Producers of attractive designer shoes have largely embraced the fact that baby boomers have spare cash and are ready to spend on designer shoes that bring not only comfort, but also exemplary beauty and elegance.

Of course, many people are of the view that there is no comfort in women’s high heels. Nothing could be further from the truth. You can get your comfort even from high heels so long as the internal parts are comfortable enough, and they fit you perfectly. Although few shoes that are basically attractive will make sense for a woman with any real foot problem, more and more designs are coming up, and it is not difficult to find your type.

However, if your priority is comfort and nothing else, you might just consider the flat type, which are designed with a wide toe box. You should also get shoes that fit in the heel because they might do a lot of damage to your feet. Generally, do not buy shoes that fit you too tight is the advice from me. On the other hand, if you purchase shoes of a size too large, your heels will definitely slip up when you walk, and it can be dangerous, uncomfortable, and embarrassing at the same time.