How To Choose The Best Swimsuit Based On Body Type

Laura Tolentino

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Choosing the best swimsuit is not something that is simple since it is a process that is subjective. So many women out there see one that they like and then end up choosing it instinctively, without taking into account the most important thing at the end of the day: body type. If you do not know how to choose based on that, you will not look your best when you go to the gym. This is something that you obviously do not want.

swimsuit body type

When You Have A Big Chest

When the top half of the body is a lot larger than the lower part, you will find it quite hard to find a very good bathing suit. It is important to think about your structure as this is the only way to run around and not end up worrying about wardrobe malfunctions. Try to go for something that is slimming and supportive, with fabrics gathered at the waist. This creates a good division between hips and chest.

When You Have A Small Bust

In this case you want to be sure that the petite frame is elongated and that the bust is enhanced visually. The option that you choose has to make the legs look like they will start at the waist and the bustline needs to be played up. If possible, opt for something that is retro in design as this can make you look stunning.

When You Are Pear Shaped

Pear shaped women end up making a compromise. They stick to an unflattering bottom or top. You do not need to make a compromise. It is a really good idea to accentuate the small waist while trying to hide the hips, since that is what women will be self-conscious about.

When You Are Plus Sized

Suits have to be both practical and sexy. This is tough with plus sized women. You would need to have the backside covered. At the same time, the straps have to be sturdy and the bra of a high quality. In most cases the swimdress is the option that you have to consider since cleavage is emphasized and thighs are concealed. Curves are complemented when you use one-pieces. Try to add interesting details like solids as that will make everything look even better.

When You Are An Athletic Woman

Don’t think that fitness instructors find swimsuits with ease. That toned figure is hard to appreciate and find great clothes for. It is especially true when you have small hips and busts. Swimsuits that are chosen have to add femininity. A tankini is always recommended as a solid bottom will break up the long torso.