Why Men Love Wearing Cardigans

Laura Tolentino

Cardigans have become an elegant yet casual option for men looking for something stylish but without bulk. Perfectly worn with dress shirts and ties, chinos or tailored trousers and semi-dress shoes like wingtips or derbies.

Consider purchasing a quality knit cardigan instead of one made from thin and stretchy fabric that sits awkwardly across every bump and curve in your body.

They’re versatile

Cardigans are one of the most versatile and wearable pieces in your wardrobe, offering plenty of ways to dress up jeans while simultaneously being practical during cold weather. Choose from various colors and styles to find one that complements your look; why not even try adding something printed like an animal print cardigan for added flair!

Long cardigans are easy to style and can make you appear taller. Wear it over any white shirt, t-shirt, light dress or pair it with skinny jeans and boots for an on-trend look.

Cardigans come in an assortment of colors and patterns to meet every taste and preference, or you can order something completely bespoke from Fox Hunt Menswear from England. However, before placing an order for customized cardigans it’s essential that you know exactly what you want so as to receive one that fits perfectly in terms of size and fit.

A cardigan can be worn with almost any top. From casual looks like jeans and graphic tees to more professional ensembles like formal shirt and pants. Plus, cardigans add formal flair when worn over skirts or dresses for added formality! You can even add a belt for additional flattery!

Cardigans are versatile fashion pieces that can be worn to suit any event and occasion, whether that means wearing it as an alternative to suit jacket or wearing it casually to dinner with friends. Just keep in mind that your cardigan should fit loose and comfortably during the day without losing its style!

Cardigans might seem old-fashioned at first glance, but they’re an essential fashion piece for any man’s closet. To avoid the “granddad look”, simply follow these easy styling tips to style them properly.

They’re comfortable

Cardigans offer a comfortable yet stylish alternative to heavy sweaters or jackets. Wear one over a casual outfit such as jeans and T-shirt for casual occasions or wear one under formal clothes such as shirt and tie for more formal events. With its vast array of styles and colors to choose from, you are sure to find a cardigan to fit your personal taste!

When purchasing a cardigan, there are a few considerations you should keep in mind to ensure the ideal fit. Avoid loose and baggy styles which could make you appear slouchy; find something with close enough fitting that does not create uncomfortable bulges in unwanted places.

Size and length are also crucial elements in making any garment comfortable to wear, particularly cardigans. Sleeves should cover the tops of your back pockets when raising your arms but shouldn’t extend too far past your hands; similarly, its length must reach beyond your belt or waistband when buttoned.

Consider also the collar style when purchasing your cardigan. Most feature a classic V-neck while there are others with shawl collars that fold around your neckline to offer additional warmth and comfort. Both styles are available in cotton, linen and cashmere materials as well as wool blend blends that provide even greater warmth.

Cardigans are versatile pieces, perfect for work, school and date night outfits alike. A longer cardigan makes an easy casual outfit when worn with jeans and boots; or add one in white with silk camisole underneath for more formal events.

Cardigans might seem cumbersome and complicated to wear, but in reality they can be comfortable and straightforward to put on. From guys looking to update their wardrobe or girls looking to stay warm on cold days – cardigans make versatile clothing pieces for any season and event!

They’re warm

Cardigans are versatile pieces that can be worn both casually and elegantly, as they can accentuate an outfit or conceal less flattering items underneath it. A good cardigan should feel soft against your skin; fitting snugly at the shoulders before tapering down to fit snugly across chest, abdomen and widening out at back waist or beltline; sleeves long enough to push up against forearms when necessary or roll them down as desired if necessary; it shouldn’t extend past top pockets or knees and should neither be too tight nor baggy — since either will make you appear unwell while too baggy looks like something your lady friend used when she wore leggings and Ugg boots years earlier!

Cardigans come in all colors and sizes. From thick wool to cotton blends, handknit to machine-made designs can all make up part of a cardigan’s composition. Many patterns exist for these garments which close either with buttons, toggles, or zippers (though latter options tend to look less traditional and casual).

When selecting a cardigan, first consider its intended purpose. Do you intend for it to go under your suit jacket, or just worn alone? For under-suit jacket use, consider choosing something like a thick wool sweater as they provide warmth while remaining classy enough to look good when worn with dress pants and tie. Alternatively, a lighter cotton or modal cardigan may provide more comfort when temperatures dip below 80 degrees.

The sweater blazer, commonly referred to as a shawl-collar cardigan, is another option for pairing with your suit. Designed to hit higher on your hip/rear curve for an elongated silhouette that creates a sleek appearance. The elegant shawl collar adds a touch of class. Additionally, this sweater can be worn open or closed and makes an excellent statement piece at special events or for night outings.

They’re stylish

Cardigans are versatile pieces of clothing that can transform any look – chic, sophisticated or casual alike. Pair one with any shirt in your closet – from t-shirt to henley to button down and polo; jeans or other bottoms like skirts make an effortless outfit; for something dressier try layering up one over a silky camisole and pair that with shorts or jeans for an eye-catching date night look!

Cardigan sweaters come in many different styles and colors, from neutral hues to more vibrant ones. To wear one in style, choose the appropriate fabric and silhouette; choosing stretchy jersey won’t do justice to your figure and could create unintended lumps and bumps in your silhouette; instead opt for heavier knit material which adds shape and definition – you can find some fashionable cardigans at stores such as Valentino or Alanui that might meet these criteria!

Cardigans make styling effortless for casual wear. A light cotton or linen cardigan pairs nicely with jeans and sneakers while wool blends keep you toasty on colder days. Additionally, wool blend cardigans can even work well as office wear when combined with fitted pencil skirts and crisp blouses for an elevated office ensemble.

Cardigans can also make the perfect accompaniment to more formal events, like dinner or drinks with friends. Try layering one over a midi skirt or dress, complete with heels for an elegant finish. To maximize this look, select one in neutral tones or patterns that complement the rest of your ensemble.

While trends may shift towards dresses, cardigans remain timeless wardrobe essentials that never go out of style. If you want to stay at the forefront of fashion, pair your cardigan with skinny jeans and ankle boots; for an alternative approach try pairing black cardigan with matching bralette cord and open-toed mules for an eye-catching monochromatic look.