What Will Be The Hottest Fashion Colors in 2017?

Laura Tolentino

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Color Of The Year

Pantone decided that Greenery is the color of 2017 and with that said it is safe to say that the hottest fashion colors in 2017 are colors that look good when paired with it. Greenery is a fresh and versatile shade of yellow-green that opens the door to numerous color combinations. From neutrals and pastels to bright colors, metallics and deep shades, Greenery looks good in almost any color combination. You can calm down the color or you can make it more vibrant, it is up to you but, as we said, the color pairings for Greenery are endless!

Spring-Summer 2017 Colors

Besides the color of the year, Pantone selected, a few months ago, the spring-summer colors for 2017 and the designer did not wait too much before incorporating them in their new designs. The colors for fall and winter were not determined yet, but we are pretty sure they will be as vibrant and refreshing like the color of the year and the spring-summer colors. This year’s theme, when it comes to the hottest fashion colors, revolves around vitality, relaxation and nature.

Hot Fashion Color In 2017 No 1 – Niagara

niagara color 2017Niagara is the dominant color from Pantone’s spring palette and one that was also loved by designers for their creations. Niagara is a shade of blue similar to the classic denim color and even though you would expect to see it in various denim designs, designers had a different plan and they incorporated it in elegant eveningwear or casual-chic daywear.

Hot Fashion Color In 2017 No 2 – Primrose Yellow

Primrose Yellow is a warm and vibrant shade of yellow that makes you think of summer time and sunny days. Incorporated in joyful dresses and other lovely feminine designs, Primrose Yellow can make a bad day brighter in a second! It looks good in both casual and elegant outfits, in monochrome ensembles or combined with earthy tones.

Hot Fashion Color In 2017 No 3 – Lapis Blue

Another vibrant color that is found in many spring-summer collections is Lapis Blue, a very intense and radiant shade of blue that contributes to brilliant monochrome outfits. Something in this color screams royalty and elegance and it looks amazing in evening dresses or casual outfits that stand out from the crowd.

Hot Fashion Color In 2017 No 4 – Flame

flame -vibrant color of 2017From two vibrant colors we are moving to another vibrant color, this time a red-orange shade that is almost theatrical in appearance. Flame creates a bold but elegant look when paired with neutral shades and a flamboyant, eccentric one when combined with other vibrant shades.

Hot Fashion Color In 2017 No 5 – Island Paradise

Moving back to nature inspired shades, we have Island Paradise to talk about. This aqua blue shade is the epitome of relaxation and the perfect color background for some feminine and effortlessly chic dresses, pants and other clothing articles.

Hot Fashion Color In 2017 No 6 – Pale Dogwood

Pale Dogwood - 2017 colorWe’re continuing our relaxation while talking about the next spring-summer 2017 color – Pale Dogwood. This subtle pink shade has an aura of tranquility and innocence around it. Pale Dogwood contributes to an incredibly feminine appearance, especially when worn in monochrome outfits. However, the femininity does not disappear when Pale Dogwood is combined with more daring shades, the outfit is just less subtle.

Hot Fashion Color In 2017 No 7 – Pink Yarrow

Color of 2017 – Pink YarrowIf being subtle in your femininity is not your thing, forget about Pale Dogwood and go for Pink Yarrow. This color is hard to ignore and it looks brilliant on confident women who are not afraid to be in the center of attention.

Hot Fashion Color In 2017 No 8 – Kale 

pantone kale outfitsKale is, as you can imagine, a green shade inspired by the green tones we can see in nature, especially in the vegetable department of nature. This color also resembles the military uniform’s color so designers decided to incorporate it in bold, courageous outfits that are a little bit more casual and perfect for outdoorsy people.

Hot Fashion Color In 2017 No 9 – Hazelnut

hazelnut color of spring summer 2017Pantone decided to end their spring-summer 2017 palette with a neutral and subtle shade, Hazelnut. This versatile shade is meant to bring all the colors together and to create a bridge to what is about to come – the fall and winter color palette.

Besides these nine colors and the color of the year, the runaways featured other amazing shades that are hard to ignore. From the classic black and white to some lively purple and pink shades and from metallic to vibrant reds and browns, it appears that 2017 has a little bit of everything when it comes to the hottest fashion colors and trends.