2 Important Modern Italian Fashion Icons

Laura Tolentino

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Italians always dressed well. They have been doing this for centuries. There is no wonder that Italian fashion has taken over the world, as history shows its fast evolution. The industry in Italy has grown so fast in the last century, that now we see great models walking down the catwalk wearing Italian clothes every Fashion Week in Milan, Paris or London.  They’ve always promoted textiles and manufacturing, simple elegant lines. If we had to sum it up, Italian fashion means glamour. As we well know, elegance is in the blood of Italian people. Let’s admit it, what is better in this world than a well-dressed Italian man?

italian fashion

In the 60’s, actresses like Audrey Hepburn and Elisabeth Taylor fell in love with the Italian simplicity. Nowadays, Hollywood is nothing but gorgeous red carpet dresses, accessories and shoes created in Italy.

As a fashion lover, there are a couple of things to know. It’s a constant battle for the best, but just a few succeed. People who influence trends are everywhere, but the originality and the true sense of fashion must survive the sands of time in order to become universal.

Here are two main characters in the Italian fashion scene, both working for what we call the fashion Bible: Vogue Magazine.

Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo

First of all, Anna Dello Russo, who is Editor-at-Large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan and a “fashion maniac”, Helmut Newton says. She has spent 18 years as an editor for Vogue Italia and now she is on top of the fashion industry. Anna is an avid collector of fashion and jewelry and creative consultant. Her amazing blog, http://www.annadellorusso.com is a fountain of pure Italian fashion. She catches the eye of every street style photographer, such as The Sartorialist or thecoveteur.com with her eccentric, head-turning outfits. She is known for wearing runway pieces by day, bright colors and mesmerizing accessories. She was even called “The Lady Gaga of the fashion industry”, forever changing and adapting.

Franca sozzani

Franca Sozzani

Another style icon is Franca Sozzani, also Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italy since 1988. She believes fashion is the way to get into women, men, children, everybody, exactly like a dream. Her greatest collaborations were made with photographers such as Bruce Weber, Peter Lindbergh, and Paolo Roversi. Sozzani embodies the Italian fashion trends, memorable issues of her magazine including themes like “The black issue”, “The Makeover”. Vogue Curvy- a book of fashion tips given by bloggers is the latest launch by Franca.

“Fashion is about being happy” she says. Sozzani believes in a global fashion industry, in the existence of the organizations that help foreign designers be famous around the world and share their creations with other designers. Italian fashion has constantly been a premium industry because the Government has budgets and projects dedicated to sustain fashion industry. Franca is not only a fashion icon, she is a fashion survivor.In her several books about photography, fashion, art and design you can find a whole history of Italy.

Do you love these Italian Fashion icons? We sure do! Are there others that you love?