The Influence Of Fashion On Teenagers

Laura Tolentino

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influence of fashion on teenagers

Over time, fashion has been associated with teenagers, but that might not be entirely true. Fashion defines all of us and it has the power to make a difference between people. Fashion does not mean wearing what you see on TV or in Magazines, fashion means adapting. The influence of fashion on teenagers was always huge.

the influence of fashion on teenagers

Fashion’s “victims”?

It is intriguing what kind of influence has fashion over teenagers and how easily they copy anything. Besides clothing and looks, fashion can also mean a type of behavior or a lifestyle that people adopt. Not a long time ago, the “EMO” style was very popular among teenagers and we can all agree that it wasn’t a beneficial thing.

A simple decision, insignificant at first sight, can radically change their attitude, and the way they think, feel, and act. Clothing defines all of us in a positive or negative way. It depends on us.

The Good Influences

Teenagers are highly influential and fashion can have both bad and good effects on them. A good one would be that they are more confident and social among others because the way you look can make you feel that way. Clothes themselves do not have superpowers. However, they are characterized by symbols with a strong impact. For example, when teenage girls wear high heels or when men wear suits, they feel independent and have better self-esteem. Fashion can also help teenagers find a group that has the same taste as they do. This will guide them to identify themselves and form as a person.

The Victims

On the other hand, some teenagers want to get attention and they realized they can do that through clothes. When younger girls wear highly sexual clothing, they tend to act in a certain way, which leads to being treated inappropriately. But this is just the effect of society pressuring teenagers to have a status and be unique. Sadly, some of them end up being insecure about themselves when it comes to being original and creative because they were thought to copy and do anything that is in trend at a certain moment.


Fashion changes the way that teens act, dress, and think and it changes their lives. Teens tend to look up for models and unfortunately, not all of them know how to choose those models. Most of the teen’s models today show too much skin and they think this is the way it is supposed to be.

It is true that clothes exceeded their primary role of protecting the body and transformed into an extension of our personalities. This is why most teenagers spend most of their time and money on appearances and some of them don’t know the limits. They need to learn that fashion is a good thing that helps the human being to improve, but it can also have a bad influence if they don’t know when and where to stop. In other words, nothing exaggerated is healthy and teenagers need to learn to make the difference between vulgar and beautiful because if they continue on one patch, they will transform into persons in no time.