6 Really Simple Makeup Tips You Absolutely Need To Try

Laura Tolentino

When it comes to makeup, it seems that there are always some tips that make everything better for us. There are so many different things that can be done and people from all around the world figure out brand new methods that can be considered to apply makeup. While there are countless things that we can say, let’s just focus on some that are particularly simple and you most likely do not know.

Turning The Pencil Eyeliner Into Your Personal Gel Formula

All that you really need is a lighter or a match to do this. Choose your favorite eye pencil and put it under flame for around 1 second. Then, you want to let it cool off for around 15 seconds. Consistency is going to change right in front of your eyes. After that, just glide the new gel liner and you end up with a smudgier formula in an instant.

Making Your Eyeshadow Shade Pop

If you want to make an eyeshadow that is less pigmented or sheerer look much more colorful on the eyelid, the white eyeliner pencil can help you. Take it and then run it right over the whole eyelid. Because of the liner’s opaque consistency, eyeshadow shade is going to automatically intensify. It will simply pop against the skin. Just make sure you use hypoallergenic makeup.

Winged Liner With A Simple Spoon

Take a spoon’s stem and hold it against your eye’s outer corner. Then, draw a line just as you do when you draw the cat-eye. After, flip your spoon and place it on the eyelid as it hugs it. Use rounded outer edges in order to create a simply perfect winged effect that is curved and looks stunning.

Long-Lasting Lip Color

If you want your lip color to last longer, swipe on the shade. Then, use a tissue and make it lay on the mouth. The next step is dusting translucent powder so that the color is set. You might think that this is a highly extensive process but you will have a great payoff. Translucent powder automatically makes the shade bolder. It becomes long-wearing and your tissue will act as a lip color shield. This protects everything from losing vibrancy or lightening.

Easily Curl Lashes

Take your eyelash curler and hit it with the hair dryer you love. You want to heat it up so you end up with a curler that simply works better. At the same time, lashes end up staying curled for a longer time. The way in which this works is similar to how heat changes hair patterns as you use your curling iron. Wait until the curler heats up and then wait for it to slightly cool but still remain warm. Then, simply use it, like you always do.

The Cover-Up Triangle

When you add your concealer in areas that are needed, use a triangular formation to apply it. The base of your triangle should be the area under the lashline and all should point towards cheek bottom. This is going to help since it conceals redness present under your eyes and will create the illusion that you have a lifted face.