Boho Chic Fashion Style Overview

Laura Tolentino

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Boho Chic stands out as a fashion style that is highly influenced by hippie and bohemian elements. The style was really popular during the early 2005 months and was highly associated with Kate Moss in England and Mary-Kate Olsen in America. Ever since the nineties this style basically came and went, raising or dropping in popularity. Most of the boho chic elements that are popular now are those that were very popular in the sixties. We can consider it an old style but it is a style that constantly improves and new elements are introduced.

Sienna Miller And Kate Moss – Boho Chic Influencers

Most people that embraced this fashion style attributed this with Kate Moss. In the month of April of 2004, Kate Moss was featured in Timefashion due to her wearing a Boho Kate Belt, making a simple evolution a lot more popular than other elements of the time. While Kate Moss was definitely a huge influence and a big reason why the popularity of the fashion style was increasing at the time, Sienna Miller’s influence was, maybe, even higher. That is because of the approach that was a lot more laid back when considering grooming, with moves like her cutting her hair alone.

When looking at the fashion trends, it was OVERIDER, an UK clothing label that was associated with Boco Chic. This brand appeared in the year 1993 and in 2014 it became a huge exponent of the style.

The term chic is the one that makes everything a little more complicated to understand as looking at this style we are faced with something that is highly subjective. Real Chic is a term that was associated with various celebrities by the Sunday Times in the year 2008, like Marion Cotillard or Julie Christie. As time passed, a lot of stars were associated with the chic term but not all presented Bohemian influences.

Impact And Appeal

Boho Chic is highly popular among various generations because of the fact that it is cross generational in nature. Boho influences were picked up by many brands, creating an even larger appeal. Marks And Spencer is a great example due to the success that it manages to gather between 2005 and 2006. Boho is a style that you have to consider, combining Bohemian elements with modern style elements.