Cotton Clothes – Advantages And Disadvantages

Laura Tolentino

For most people in the US, drawers and closets are simply filled with clothes made out of cotton. This is indeed the most common fiber used at the moment. There is a very good chance that many of your sweaters, jeans, undergarments, blouses and t-shirts are made out of cotton. This is due to the various advantages that the fabric offers. However, just like anything in life, there are both advantages and disadvantages associated with using cotton. This is why you do need to know the following things.

Cotton Is Breathable, Natural And Soft

One of the first things you notice with cotton is that it is comfortable and soft. It is also hypoallergenic and will not irritate those that have sensitive skin. Allergies are not caused and fibers cannot cause static electricity. This practically means that cotton is perfect for the items that are worn really close to one’s body, like underwear and t-shirts.

Cotton does not contain chemicals and is natural. It is breathable and allows the circulation of air, so fungi growth is discouraged. The synthetic fibers cannot offer this type of ventilation. Yeast can flourish in the man-made materials.

You can easily wear cotton during summer as it will absorb the moisture coming from the body, allowing you to stay dry. Heat is drawn from the skin so if the weather is hot, you can stay comfortable and cool.

Cotton Is Versatile, Cheap And Strong

Cotton can easily resist abrasion. It has a high durability and strength so there is no problem when you use a washing machine to clean clothes made out of the fabric. At the same time, it is really easy to dye it, thus increasing versatility. It is not at all difficult to buy clothes that are highly affordable that are made out of cotton, which is definitely what you want for day-to-day clothes.

Cotton Can Shrink And Wrinkles Can Appear

It is really important that the cotton clothes you buy fit well as you buy them since the elasticity of the fiber is low. Cotton clothes can shrink after you launder them, even if they are already pre-shrunk. Also, due to the poor resilience present, cotton clothes cannot get back to the original shape. The jeans that you accidently shrink inside your dryer will not fit again. Air drying the fitted cotton clothes is something that you absolutely always have to do.

Another thing we can add is that cotton clothes can easily wrinkle and will need pressing or ironing if you wear them a lot or you pack them.

Mildew Damage

Cotton is natural so mildew damage can appear. It is easy to end up with peeling cotton since lint will form due to shorter fiber length. Color dyes will fade when put in the dryer and washer. If you want the colors to be bright, consider turning them inside out as you put them in the washing machine. Also, use the cycle that is the shortest for fabric and soil level.