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Fabrics for Elegant Shirts

Laura Tolentino

An elegant shirt should feature slim yet flattering lines throughout its collar, cuffs and yoke; refined mother-of-pearl buttons will further ...

How to Style Midi Skirts

Laura Tolentino

A popular runway staple and sought-after by fashion elite, the midi skirt is both seductive and sophisticated – an excellent ...

Unexpected Fashion Trends

Laura Tolentino

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The Latest Trends in Rock Fashion

Laura Tolentino

If you love rock fashion, adding dramatic flair is easy with padded shoulders. Leggings will also enhance this rock look! ...

Choosing Jeans For Your Body Type

Laura Tolentino

Jeans are one of the go-to wardrobe essentials, yet finding an appropriate pair can sometimes be challenging. If you have ...

slip fashion boots

Top 5 Slip Fashion Boots

Laura Tolentino

Boots can make an outfit complete, from hiking trails to city streets and beyond. Wardrobe stylists prefer slip fashion boots ...

Zara women's clothes

How Zara Delivers Fashionable Women’s Clothes

Laura Tolentino

As trends unfold in stores, Zara employees gather feedback and transmit it directly to specialist teams for analysis and feedback. ...

How to Choose the Right Tailor for Your Custom Suit: Tips to Find the Perfect Fit

Laura Tolentino

When aiming to create a sharp and memorable appearance, there is no match for the impeccable allure of a well-tailored ...

Sustainable Fashion Startups: Ideas and Opportunities

Laura Tolentino

In the movie, “Mrs Harris Goes to Paris,” Mrs. Harris is an average hardworking woman in 1950s London who wants ...

how do fashion collections work?

How Do Fashion Collections Work?

Laura Tolentino

Fashion collections are created by designers to showcase the designs created by them and may include clothing, shoes, handbags, and ...