Eclectic Style – Overview And Tips For Making It Work For You

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Eclectic Style – Overview And Tips For Making It Work For You

Women with an eclectic style have the ability to put together clothes and accessories that normally wouldn’t work together, however, they manage to create a look that not only works but also stands out. Having an eclectic style means being able to make a fashion statement and look incredibly stylish while doing it.

Eclectic Style – Overview

Eclectic style is the style of choice for women who prefer unconventional fashion and who have creative, unconventional, and individualistic lifestyles or who want to achieve that someday. Fashion is a great way for showing the world who you are, how you feel, and what you love and women who have an eclectic style are usually bold, confident, and not afraid to show that to the world. They can make an outfit work because they are confident enough to make it work and because they see fashion with a different eye. They like to combine styles in their outfits because one style is not enough to tell their stories and to show the world who they really are. They are not afraid to express themselves, they are not afraid of what other people might think of them and their style choices.

Eclectic style is reflective of unique and bold personalities. Having an eclectic style can be a challenge but it definitely makes someone noticed and appreciated for their creativity and ability to translate quirky and fun into their outfits without making them look messy or mismatched.

Eclectic Style – Tips For Making It Work For You

If you are drawn towards an eclectic style but your professional life doesn’t allow you to explore all the fashion options you’d like to explore, do it in your free time. And don’t be discouraged, there are some things you can do to add drama and boldness to your work outfits even if you have a stricter dress code.

You can start by looking into your wardrobe and finding new ways to wear the clothes you already have, don’t think that you have to go shopping for an entirely new wardrobe. Being able to put together an eclectic outfit and to develop an eclectic style means being able to put your creativity to work and express it through your fashion persona.

Putting together eclectic outfits is super fun and it can be an incredible outlet for expressing your creativity. Mixing Bohemian pieces with wardrobe basics and/or retro and vintage pieces is one way to create eclectic style outfits. You can also pair trendy and modern pieces with romantic and feminine clothes. Kitsch is not only allowed but also encouraged when putting together an eclectic outfit, however, make sure you do not overdo it. A hint of drama and boldness are mandatory to keep things interesting but too much drama can lead to a fashion disaster.

Look At Celebrities And Style Bloggers Or Vloggers For Inspiration

eclectic style bloggerImage source: Bag and a Beret

Looking for fashion inspiration when developing an eclectic style seems counterproductive. You want to be able to express yourself and show your personality through your style choices and not copy someone else’s style so why would you look at other women’s outfits? Eclectic style is not a defined style, it’s a combination of various different styles so, unless you plan to buy an entire outfit worn by a celebrity or fashion blogger, you won’t be copying their style but you will allow yourself to be inspired by their choices. You’ll be able to determine what style combinations you prefer and what style combinations you don’t like, you’ll be able to determine if you prefer block colors, patterned clothes or a mix. Or maybe you’ll realize that you prefer neutral shades but bold designs. Let yourself discover what you like and what you don’t without questioning your preferences.

Celebrity to watch for style inspiration: Solange, Lady Gaga, Diane von Furstenberg, Mary-Kate Olsen, Nicole Richie, Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel and Rita Ora. They all prefer an eclectic style, however, it’s very easy to see that their styles are not at all similar.

Use Your Basics

Image source: Badlands Journal

Start by looking at your basics. Most women have classic jeans, black pants, white shirts and black skirts in their wardrobe. All you have to do after identifying your basics is thinking about new ways to wear them. You can combine a classic pencil skirt with a cable-knit sweater, a pair of stilettos and a statement necklace for example. Or, if you want to wear more prints, you can combine a classic pair of black pants or blue jeans with a patterned top and a solid color blazer or jacket. You can also mix two types of prints with your classic staples if you feel comfortable. A striped blazer can look nice with a graphic tee as long as you have similar color elements in them.

Wearing your basics together in unexpected ways is another idea for creating an eclectic style without shopping for new pieces. You can wear your favorite little black dress over a pair of flared jeans, add black stilettos, a statement necklace and you are good to go or you can wear a classic white shirt backwards and pair it with skinny jeans, a big pearl necklace, and colorful statement shoes.

A classic shirtdress can be easily transformed into an off the shoulder dress. If you add a belt and cowboy boots, you’ll obtain a casual eclectic outfit, perfect for a fun weekend day.

Wear Different Colors At The Same Time

Colorful-OutfitsImage source: @blaireadiebee/Instagram

Wearing colors is an easy way to create an eclectic style if you forget about the classic color combinations. Instead of pairing colors with neutrals or going for the same color combinations you always went for, try to pair colors that are adjacent on the color wheel such as yellow and green, blue and green, blue and violet, violet, and red or red and orange. You can also combine the main colors with their shades or different shades of the same color. Red and pink, yellow and orange, violet and purple can look good together if you make sure the pieces of your outfit coordinate (a flowy skirt and a fitted top, for example) or are from the same style (i.g. a bohemian dress and a cardigan). If you prefer something classic when it comes to color combinations, you can opt for navy blue and light blue.

Pairing complementary colors is another good start for creating colorful eclectic outfits. Red and green, purple and yellow, blue and orange and their shades can look very good together if you make sure they do not overpower each other. A dress with a green leaves pattern would look amazing with a red blazer, for example, but you can also wear a yellow dress with purple tights if you are comfortable enough to do it. If you feel wearing two block colors in your outfit is too much for you, you can opt for one color as the main color for your outfit then add the complementary color through your accessories.

Pair Different Clothes Styles

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You can pair elegant pieces with basic items to obtain an eclectic outfit. For example, you can create an amazing outfit if you wear a pair of metallic stilettos with a full lace skirt and a simple slogan tee. Dressier items look good with casual pieces if you wear the outfit with confidence. Or you can pair a maxi summer dress with a leather jacket, a pair of biker boots, and a classic hat for an eclectic autumn look. Mixing seasonal clothing is always recommended if you want to excel at creating the best eclectic outfits. Don’t be afraid to wear summer dresses with winter sweaters during autumn instead of opting for a classic autumn dress plus coat look.

If you own vintage or retro items you can pair them with modern designs or girly pieces or incorporate retro accessories into modern outfits.

Choose The Right Accessories

eclectic accessoriesImage source: Cute&Little

Speaking of accessories, creating an eclectic style can be just as easy as wearing basics mixed with the right accessories. You can wear your black skinny pants with a classic white shirt, add a colorful bag to the mix, a printed scarf, and a pair of bold shoes and you can go from classy to eclectic in no time.

Make sure you always have colorful and printed scarves, colorful, fun bags, and bold jewelry pieces around because they can easily transform your outfit into a fashion statement. Don’t try to match the style of the accessories with the style of your clothes, especially when you opt for classic clothing articles or classic colors. A fringed bag or clutch with a leather jacket looks amazing, statement earrings look perfect with almost any type of outfit you can think of and opting for bold, statement shoes or different shoes than you would normally wear with an outfit is the easiest way to change your outfit’s style. Chunky shoes and girly, flowy dresses? Yes, please! All-black outfit with colorful shoes? Also yes! Tennis shoes with office skirts or dresses? Why not?

Add Eclectic Pieces to Your Wardrobe

eclectic clothesImage source: Silvana Patrick

If you are serious about transforming your style and wearing eclectic outfits, invest in trendy and bold items such as a colorful or printed winter coats, bold autumn jackets, shoes in colors you wouldn’t normally buy such as yellow or turquoise, bags in unusual shapes, different styles of hats, oversized tops and so on.