Jennifer Lawrence’s Fashion Evolution

Laura Tolentino

When you are a big star in Hollywood you need to have your own fashion style because this is how things work when there are so many eyes on you everywhere you go. We cannot all look perfect but when you reach a certain level you need to make sure you pay much more attention to your looks and fashion style than regular people do.

Jennifer Lawrence and her fashion style

jennifer lawrence fashion

This is also the case with the already famous actress Jennifer Lawrence who has been followed by paparazzi ever since she started acting. She seems to be quite a fashion icon at the moment, especially among teenagers who seem to like her style and try to copy her as much as they can.

Her current fashion style has not always represented her and this becomes obvious as soon as you compare a few pictures with her in the beginning and the ones from events she has attended in the last two years for example. She may not have always been so keen on looking perfect on stage but these last two years have proved us all wrong when we thought she might not know much about style and fashion.

Great fashion evolution

jennifer lawrence fashion 1

No matter whether she has just discovered her great fashion style or found the right people to take care of this for her the great news is that Jennifer Lawrence definitely knows how to make her choices now whenever she attends an event. She has proven just how classy and elegant she can be as well as simply chic without too much effort in the case of other events.

Jennifer Lawrence has been spotted looking great not only on the red carpet but also while simply walking down the street which proves that she has undergone a big fashion change that applies in all possible instances of her life. She must like her new look and fashion statement as well because she looks really proud to show everyone just how great she is in every aspect of her life.

We already knew that she can act and attract the attention of millions of fans in every new movie with her name on it but now we also know that she is an interesting fashion icon among her fans. Just take some time to see just how great she looked on stage during the Oscars award show season in 2013 when her fans just discovered a brand new reason to love the actress.

 Great fashion choices for important events

jennifer lawrence fashion 2

In her starting years as an aspiring actress, Jennifer Lawrence did not seem able to get rid of her assumed role of a pretty princess with some lack in style and real elegance due to her silver shoes shown everywhere and soft curls which did not always make her look too great.

This has really changed as her career has evolved. Jennifer now certainly knows how to attract attention by delivering a really special moment on the red carpet and we could easily experience this at the Golden Globes in 2011 for example when a sudden change in style could be noticed. She then chose to wear an interesting black and gray Louis Vuitton dress which made her look great and ready to party. She looked so grown-up, a look that totally suits her.

The fashion magic continues

The Golden Globes was only one of the first events that made everyone realize just how changed Jennifer Lawrence was in terms of fashion and personal style. Even though she has assumed her grown-up style because it really fits her she has never totally let go of adopting bold and bright colors which have somehow given birth to a totally new and special style that characterizes her and makes her look just how a Hollywood diva should look.

We love her style and can say that she is one of the celebrities that has taken her time to find a personal style but now that she has one she shows it with full confidence and pride.