Gucci’s First Ever Cosmetics Line

Laura Tolentino

Gucci is a brand that is renowned all around the world but it is definitely not for the cosmetics offered. While many believe that the company does sell cosmetics, this is completely incorrect. The first ever cosmetics line by Gucci was launched this year and it is really glamorous. It appeared because of the support of Pat McGrath thanks to the work done by Frida Giannini, creative director for Gucci. We now have access to 183 beauty products, out of which we will just mention a few.

gucci cosmetics makeup line

Gucci Eye Magnetic – Color Shadow

There are 6 anchoring colors that are used in this line: red, bronze, black, gold, copper and teal. These are the colors that were loved by Giannini and that is why they were used. Aqua is added in small quantities so that the eye shadow receives a natural glimmer, which is stunning when faced with a lot of black mascara, a trend that is quite popular at the moment.

Gucci Lustrous Glow – Foundation

It is perfect for makeup when you do not want it to look like it is makeup. We have a foundation here that is offered in 18 shades, silky, with small drops being able to even out your entire complexion.

Gucci Luxe – Finishing Powder

This particular Gucci finishing powder (there are more in the new line of beauty cosmetics launched) comes in an interesting black compact color stamped with the 2 Gs, being finelly milled and particularly impressive.

Gucci Eye Power Liquid – Black Liner

This is a felt pen that will be loved by all people out there. This is because of the fact that it offers you the possibility to have really coquettish cat eyes in seconds and you do not need a trip to the doctor for that. You just need to shake the black liner pen and then a shaft located inside it will offer an inky, glossy pigment right to where you need it.

Gucci Eye Opulent Volume – Black Mascara

This is basically a mascara that will re-create the really heavy lashed look that was very popular in the sixties and the seventies. It is a want with 42 small paddles that are nestled between bristles in order to deposit mascara loads and scoop up. There are also 204 small combs that will distribute everything evenly for a fluttering and really long effect.

Gucci Luxurious Moisture – Red Lipstick

We have a red lipstick, a classic among cosmetics. Gucci’s product is very rich and has a bullet cut on a very steep angle. This means that your lips will be fully coated with the color, which is Iconic Red, a true classic. Even though many will opt for the red lipstick, we do have access to 25 extra shades that are very attractive for different looks you may desire.