Manolo Blahnik Shoes – What To Expect

Laura Tolentino

Manolo Blahnik shoes are known all around the world and whenever a Manolo Blahnik shoes sale appears, women go wild. It is completely normal since we are talking about so many interesting items that are tremendous and that are really well built. It is actually quite easy to end up being captivated by this designer.

Blahnik was born in 1942 in the Canary Islands. He eventually moved to France in the year 1965 in an attempt to follow a Fine Arts and the Ecole du Louvre degree. After that, he became a photographer for the Sunday Times in London. Nothing actually signaled the evolution of the designer, until 1970.

Manolo Blahnik Shoes 2

During a visit to New York, Blahnik showed some of the sketches and photographs he made to Vogue USA editor, Diana Vreeland. He was encouraged to start drawing shoes. In London he started to draw the very first shoe models for the Zapata Chelsea boutique. In the year 1971, he created the first official collection for one of his friends’s parade, Ossie Clark.

The Manolo Blahnik shoes stand out as being tremendous because of the fact that they stand out as being opposed mass production. There is a great predilection for the use of high heels that are decorated with feathers, rhinestones and straps. We are faced with a designer that always works, keeps drawing sketches and comes up with creative advertising campaigns.

Along the years, Manolo Blahnik shoes gained so many awards. The employees that are hired for the brand are actually really dedicated and bring in an unfailing loyalty, which is definitely interesting and so incredibly rare. Make sure that you consider it since there are many models that are so attractive, you will be tempted to love the shoes.

The shoes of Manolo Blahnik

A statement of the quality offered by the brand appeared in 2003 as the London Design Museum showcased a retrospective of the designs signed by Manolo Blahnik. This eventually led towards Sofia Coppola asking Manolo to draw shoes for the movie Marie Antoinetter. This is the moment when all started to go great for the shoes line.

On the whole, Blahnik shoes stand out as being different to the mass produced, really popular lines that are currently available on the market. It is a diversity that should be taken into account, if you can afford the slightly higher price tags, of course. You will definitely appreciate what is offered and we guarantee that Manolo Blahnik shoes will be on your list of purchases.