How To Choose The Perfect Foundation For You

Laura Tolentino

How To Choose The Perfect Foundation For You
Skin Foundation For You

Finding perfect foundation is not something that is simple. There are countless choices that are available on the market. Do you know what to choose? Do you even know where your search should start? Picking the right foundation revolves around your needs and your skin, just like the very best tools that you can utilize to apply foundation right. At the end of the day, you want that flawless finish.

One of the most important parts of the makeup is definitely skin. This is the base layer that is used when you want to put something on. The only situation when this is not the case is when you prime the skin but this is something else. For most people, the foundation is the first step towards looking great.

Unfortunately, most women and men learn through trial and error. However, some of the really important things you need to be aware of when you want to choose the perfect foundation for you are the following.

Start With All The Right Questions

You want to pick the foundation that is right based on your skin. This is why you absolutely need to ask some vital questions:

  • What skin type do you have? – Oily, normal, dry or a combination?
  • What finish do you want? – Glowy, matte or dewy?
  • What coverage do you wish? – Full coverage, medium coverage or light coverage?
  • What is your budget? – Is a high end foundation a good choice for you or do you need something from the regular drug store?

These may seem like 4 really easy questions but they are wonderful for every single person that wants to make an appropriate choice. Also, you need to know the answer when you walk into your preferred makeup store.

After you answer the questions you can easily walk into Sephora and say something like “I want a foundation for dry skin with full coverage.” This drastically narrows down the number of choices available.

Remember that what works great for you will not necessarily be suitable for someone else.

Your Skin Type

Think about the following as you take into consideration what skin type you have.

Oil-Free Foundations

These are wonderful for skin that often experiences breakouts. When the foundation includes much moisturizer or is really thick, the oily skin ends up being even oilier. Try to avoid those foundations that are capable of clogging your pores. The best foundation for you is one that is lightweight. Find foundations that have salicylic acid or those foundations that are manufactured for skin that is acne prone. They will prevent breakouts or reduce them.

Foundations That Irritate Sensitive Skin

When the skin reacts to specific moisturizers or cleansers, similar problems appear with some of the foundations. There are always options available that are noncomedogenic, fragrant free and/or hypoallergenic. These are designed for people that have sensitive skin.

Foundations For Mature Skin

When you have mature skin, you want to reduce and prevent aging signs. This means you should avoid the foundations that are powder-based or heavy matte. They will settle right into the lines on the face, making you look much older than you are. Lightweight liquid foundations that have moderate coverage are definitely better. In addition, you could look for the foundations that will prevent aging from getting even more serious since they can improve your skin right now.

Foundations With SPF

Most foundations on the market do not have SPF rating. They need to be avoided at all costs. The makeup lines that are designed for people with sensitive skin are usually better and do have proper sun protection. The SPF rating on the foundation has to be over 15.

Great Foundations When You Have Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, opt for liquid foundations. There are some that are mineral based and that can nourish the skin, but they are usually not that great. You can find drugstore cosmetic brands, including L’Oreal and similar, or department store lines, with Dior being a good example, that have richer, creamier foundations. They work really well if you have dry skin.

Lightweight Foundation

When you do not have problems due to dry or oily skin, the sheer liquid foundation or the tinted moisturizer is a wonderful opportunity. These foundations can conceal skin flaws that are minor and can even out skin tone.

Complementing Skin Coloring And Complexion

Skin coloring and complexion always need to be taken into account in the event that you want to choose a really good foundation. Some of the things that you have to consider include:

Skin Undertone

Contrary to popular belief, this is different than skin tone or skin color. The tone of your skin will change but the undertone never changes. It can be neutral, warm or cool. Besides color or pigment, the foundations have neutral, warm and cool tones. If you want the makeup to seamlessly blend with the individual skin coloring, a match with skin undertone is mandatory.

Remember this:

  • Skin undertone is warm when you have a golden or yellow skin tint or when you have pinkish or rosy complexion.
  • Skin undertone is cool when you have greenish or olive hues or when you have purple or blue tints.
  • Skin undertone is neutral when there is no tint like the ones below seen.

Look at the veins in the ankle or wrist in order to see what skin undertone you have. The veins that look bluish are practically cool and the veins that look faint green suggest that your undertone is warm.

Your Accessories And Wardrobe

You surely make choices with jewelry and clothing based on your undertone or you should. You want to always think about colors that look great on you to see if you have neutral, cool or warm undertone.

Some things to remember include:

  • When you favor jewelry made out of silver, skin undertone is most likely warm.
  • When you tend to move towards gold, the skin undertone is most likely cool.
  • When you can wear both, the undertone is most likely neutral.
  • Do you look great when you wear warm colors like orange or red? Skin undertone in this case is most likely cool. Warmer undertones tend to look better with colors like purple, green and blue.

Match Foundation Shades With Skin Undertones

There are usually three shade ranges with foundations: dark, medium and fair. Every single shade includes undertones like neutral, warm and cool. The appropriate shade for you is the one that matches the skin undertone.

As an example, those that have pale skin and are light blondes tend to look great when using a foundation shade that is fair and that includes golden or yellow undertones.

Don’t Forget About Hair Color

Foundation needs to look natural and also complement overall look. When you just changed hair color or when hair is now greyed out, the foundation has to be recalibrated. It needs to suit the new appearance. When your hair color is lighter, the foundation that has warmth will stop you from looking washed out or pale. Cooler and lighter foundations contrast darker hair.

Testing Various Skin Foundations

Skin foundation can always look different when you actually apply it. This is why makeup counters actually let you test foundations. It is thus quite a good idea to actually visit a store, just to be sure.

In department stores you find various cosmetics so you can easily find an appropriate skin foundation based on makeup needs and skin type. Usually, there is a person at the counter that knows a lot about beauty products and that can help you make great choices.

You can also talk to a makeup artist to make your choice easier. An appointment is all you need to learn about the best choice for you. Just be sure that you answer all questions the makeup artist has.

Know The Look You Want

Skin foundation can easily make you look great or it can break your entire appearance. This is why you absolutely need to choose something that is perfect for you and the look that you want. Some ideas to keep in mind include:

  • If you want a luminous glow, use water based, lightweight liquid foundation.
  • Dewy faces look fresh and healthy.
  • Matte finish is possible with various foundations, like matte powder and mousse.

Other Tips To Remember When Choosing Skin Foundation

As you can easily notice, there are many things that can be said about choosing the best possible skin foundation. We will only highlight some extra important tips you do want to take into account:

  • Change foundation color different times per year so that color can be matched.
  • Mix different colors to get a great match.
  • Use moisturizer to dilute heavy foundations and get new looks.
  • Choose foundation that is designed with people your age in mind.