Which Style of Sunglasses Best Suit Your Personal Style?

Laura Tolentino

Which Style of Sunglasses Best Suit Your Personal Style

sunglasses and personalitySunglasses can say a lot about you and your style. They can make you appear sophisticated, playful, youthful, trendy or classy. Also, different sunglasses are right for different occasions. You wouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes to a cocktail party and a walk in the park and you shouldn’t wear the same sunglasses either. Sunglasses should enhance your personal style, they should fit your personality and lifestyle and they should always be right for your face shape.

Choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses can be difficult since you have to consider all the things we mentioned above but after learning what style of sunglasses work for your face shape, follow the style tips we listed below and your job will be easier than you think.

The first thing you need to do when deciding which style of sunglasses best suit your personal style is to determine your style based on the things you like to wear.

Sunglasses For Minimalistic Personal Style

Sunglasses For Minimalistic Personal Style -AviatorDo you love clean lines, nude shades, effortlessly chic looks with wardrobe classic or modern designs, simple patterns and prints? Then you probably have a minimalistic approach to your personal style and you should try a classic pair of sunglasses, such as aviator, wayfarer or other classic frame shapes that also work for your face shape. Even though these frame styles are classic, they are also timeless and they can be the perfect accessory for a minimalistic, modern look.

wayfarer sunglassesSunglasses For A Youthful And Playful Personal Style

If you love to wear denim, bright colored and flirty clothing items then you probably suit the youthful and playful personal style. In this case, you should consider wearing cat-eye sunglasses. There are various types of cat-eye sunglasses frames and we are pretty sure you will find that will perfectly work for your face shape. If you don’t like cat-eye frames, consider a pair of wayfarer sunglasses in bold colors or prints. You can also say yes to vintage oversize sunglasses if you combine them with a simple jeans and T-shirt outfit.

Sunglasses For A Bohemian Personal Style

vintage sunglassesIf you love global or ethnic-inspired prints, flower prints, feminine and flowy clothing items and you have a thing for exaggerated silhouettes and 70s vibes, you should try sunglasses that match your bohemian look. There are numerous types of vintage sunglasses you can try included sunglasses with oversized round frames (perfect for square face shape) and square glasses (perfect for round or oval face shapes).

Sunglasses For Trendsetters

sunglasses for trendsettersThose of you who love to embrace new trends when it comes to clothes, jewelry and accessories are definitely trendsetters. Since you keep up with the trends so much and you love to try new thing, you should consider purchasing sunglasses that are unique and fashionable. You can, for example, buy a pair of tortoise frames sunglasses in black and dark brown (in any shape that works for your face) or other interesting prints for a more sophisticated look or you can find classic frames in bold colors for a casual look.