How To Dress According To Your Body Shape

Laura Tolentino

Dressing according to your body shape is the easiest way to make sure you’ll always look good in your outfits. It may sound complicated at first but, once you learn the rules, and by rules we mean what looks amazing on you, choosing your outfits will be super easy.

How to dress the hourglass body shape:

Invest in clothes and accessories that will accentuate your proportional figure. Technically, you can wear pretty much any type of design without looking ridiculous. Make sure you take your size and height into consideration when shopping for clothes to get the best results. And here are some ideas for you:

Puffed sleeves can be a good idea if your shoulders are a little bit smaller than your hips

Your proportional silhouette allows you to wear both A-line skirts and pencil skirts and, of course, other lovely designs. The only thing you need to know is that it is better to choose the length of your skirt based on your vertical silhouette. If you are small, don’t refuse yourself maxi skirts! Find maxi skirts with high waistlines!

Jeans – bootcut jeans are perfect for everyone and on you, they look amazing. Flare jeans are also a good idea. But skinny jeans can look amazing too if you want to show off your curves.

Trousers – flare trousers and wide-legged trousers can be a style statement for you and they will make you look your best!

Drapes are perfect if you want to hide your tummy, for example. Find a dress or a blouse with a diagonal draping starting from the waist to the hips. It will accentuate your hips and your bust and will camouflage the tummy.

Make your waist the focal point of your appearance with accessories. You can accentuate your waist with belts, scarves, jewelry and so on. Get creative and look your best!

How to dress the inverted triangle body shape:

The main rule to dress this body type is to add more volume to your hips and create the illusion of smaller shoulders.

Wearing certain clothes can accentuate your wide shoulders and, unless you want to make a fashion statement, it is better to avoid adding extra volume to your problematic area. So add the volume where you need it: your hips and/ or posterior!

If you are proud of your athletic shoulders, you can show them off, of course! But please make sure that you also add some volume on your hips and thighs! If you don’t add volume on your hips but you add extra volume to your shoulders you will create a very masculine figure.

For tops try: V necklines and scoop neck tops, soft textures on the shoulder line, darker colors on the upper part of your body, tops and dresses with large straps or sleeves, one shoulder off tops, unbuttoned shirts, peplum tops.

Skirts and dresses – try A-line skirts and dresses, full skirts and dresses, bold colors, bold textures, horizontal stripes, peplum skirts and dresses, pleated skirts and dresses and other bold designs.

For jeans – wide legged or flared jeans are your best bet. Boyfriend jeans also look good on you. But you can also wear skinny jeans if you don’t mind the contrast between your hips and shoulders.

For pants – opt for harem pants, puffy pants or wide legged pants. Embellished pants, bold prints, and patterns are also a safe bet for you.

Accentuate the waistline with belts, or wrap style tops and keep the top simple around your shoulders area. Avoid ruffles, big prints, embellishments on your upper body. Keep them for the skirts and trousers.

How to dress the rectangle body shape:

Belts are always a good idea! Never forget that! To maximize the effect, use the belt under your breasts, in the smallest part of your body.

Tops with details around the breasts & shoulders to create more curves, high necklines, medium necklines, empire cut dresses and tops, shift dresses and tops, color block dresses and tops, halter neck dresses & tops.

For the lower part of the body opt for skinny trousers, flare trousers – any kind of trousers/ jeans will do.

For skirts – A-line skirts, high waist pencil skirts

Avoid shapeless clothes and embrace layering – short jackets over long tops, prints, textures, ruffles, and other details.

How to dress the pear body shape:

If you want to have a proportional body, the main rule in your case is to move the attention from your lower body to your upper body and to, visually, add more volume to your shoulders.

Of course, you can embrace your curves and accentuate your booty and your wide hips. Kim Kardashian, Nicky Minaj and, Jennifer Lopez, love to show their booties.

Be proud of your body! There’s nothing wrong if you love your big booty or your prominent lower body but don’t overdo it. If you don’t want people to stare at your derriere all night long, wear clothes that will add more volume to your shoulder line and create that balanced silhouette hourglasses have.

Wear tops with puffy sleeves or shoulder pads, in light colors & bold colors, with bold prints, boat necklines, big collars, horizontal stripes, tunics, cowl necklines.

For the lower part of your body – A-line skirts and dresses, vertical stripes, dark colors, long boots, chunky heels, flared skirts and pants, wide legged pants without pleats, maxi skirts and dresses.

If you don’t want to add more volume to your hips area, avoid pencil skirts/ straight skirts, skinny jeans (you can wear them with long tunics), shoes with straps on ankles, bold prints in the lower part of your body.

How to dress the apple body shape:

We bet you have the tendency to cover up the tummy area with loose clothes, thinking that you will hide the problem, but this is not the greatest idea since a large blouse will add even more volume to your problematic area. The main idea in your case is to make your waist appear thinner and to highlight your best characteristics (legs and/ or breasts) creating vertical lines.  

A good fitting bra is crucial in your case. Besides that, blouses that highlight your body in its slimmest point (right below your breasts) such as baby doll tops/ dresses (if the bottom is not very large), empire waist tops/ dresses, bias cut hem blouses/ dresses, wrap style blouses and dresses, V-necklines and other low cut necklines, long tops to cover the entire stomach area, tops with details on sleeves to draw the attention from your belly to your arms, structured jackets, blazer over tops are all good ideas for the upper body.

For the lower part of the body, go for flare and wide-legged pants to create a balanced silhouette,

skinny jeans and pants can be worn with long tops and structured blazers/ jackets and over the knee boots, for example. The idea is to create a balanced silhouette and to avoid accentuating the contrast between your heavy top and slim legs.

Opt for normal to high waist pants and skirts to hide your tummy and to avoid creating that annoying muffin top

Right above the knee or right below the knee skirts. Shorter skirts will accentuate the contrast between your upper body and lower body as the skinny jeans do. Structured pencil and A-line skirts are also awesome for you.

Use belts underneath your breasts to create the illusion of a waist and avoid big puffy jackets, bomber jackets, high necklines, low waist pants, tight tops or any other clothes that will accentuate what you want to hide.