How To Dress To Look Skinnier

Laura Tolentino

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We are all about body positivity and embracing our bodies but, sometimes, we have bad days. And during those bad days, we might want to look skinnier than we are. Maybe we are on a healthy diet and we want to “see the future” to be motivated to continue or maybe we simply have a day when we want to dress to look thinner. Nothing to condemn here. After all, fashion should fulfill our needs, right?

We can make clothes and fashion work for us if we know some simple rules!

You are probably thinking that there is no room for creativity, style or instinct. Quite the opposite. When you know the rules, it is easier to ignore them with style. Knowing the rules will make you a pro if you want to break them. It is easier to cheat and to find a style that will suit your personality when you know the effect you can create with your clothes.    

Now let’s get into it. To look skinnier, you have to:

Always Buy The Right Size

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to dress for tomorrow or yesterday instead of dressing for today. If you were thinner in the past or you want to be thinner in the future, it doesn’t matter when you choose the clothes for the “present you”.

Size is just a number! It doesn’t matter if it’s xxxxxxxl or xxxxxs as long as the clothes look good on you!

Pay attention to the size when you shop for clothes. Try the clothes on if you shop in a store or be careful at size charts when buying online.

Proper Lingerie

Underwear can make or break an outfit. You need to find underwear that will stay where it has to stay while making your body look good. Bras that are too small are not comfortable. And they don’t look good either. Actually, underwear that is too small can create many unnecessary problems so make sure you always wear lingerie that is perfect for you. Sounds like common sense but this rule gets ignored a lot since we tend to postpone to buy underwear until we reach our desired size. Also, make sure your underwear doesn’t create unnecessary lines that can be seen through your clothes. That never looks good and it will draw attention to those areas.

Monochrome Outfits or Half Monochrome Outfits

We all know black is great for creating the illusion of a slimmer body, but the colors are amazing too. You just need to have the courage to wear powerful colors!

Wear dresses in solid colors or match the color of your pants with the color of your top. Let the accessories add other colors to your outfit.

One trick that we love is matching the color of the shoes with the color of the pants or the color of the stockings/tights with the color of the skirt and the color of the shoes (stockings and shoes alone can do the trick). This trick not only will make you look skinnier but it will also make you look taller. If you wear a high waist skirt it’s like you suddenly transform into a model who has legs that “never end.”

Color Blocks

Color blocks can help you to create the body you want. They can create many optical illusions. Decide what you want to accentuate and what you want to hide and enjoy your friendship with these amazing clothes. They will help you look effortlessly chic.

Remember, darker colors where you need to reduce the volume, brighter colors when you need extra volume or where you need to accentuate the area!

Prints, Embellishments, And Other Details

When it comes to prints, vertical ones can be really useful when you want to look skinnier. We all know that horizontal stripes, especially the bold ones, can add volume while vertical stripes can make us look skinnier. The same thing can happen with other prints!  Long flowers on a blouse, asymmetrical print on a skirt, get out of your comfort zone and try some nice prints as long as the design is built vertically not horizontally!

If you are not sure how to play with prints, avoid wearing them in the problematic areas and add them where you need volume!

Embellishments and ruffles should be avoided when you want to create the illusion of a slimmer body unless you use them on those areas that need some extra inches.

What Pants To Wear To Look Skinnier

Bootcut jeans/ trousers or flare jeans/ trousers. If you choose flare jeans/ trousers, make sure the bottom is not extra large. You want to create the illusion of a skinnier body not the illusion that you are a time traveler and hippies are your new best friends.

Don’t forget the trick with the same color shoes! To accentuate the effect of the same color pants and shoes, wear high heels! Make sure that the toe is the only part of the shoe that can be seen! This way you will look taller and thinner! Avoid wearing high heels with pants that end around your ankles. You will create an optical illusion but not the one that you want! Instead of looking taller and slimmer, people will think that your pants are too small for you.  

What Type Of Skirts To Wear To Look Skinnier

Knee length A-line skirts are the best! They are and they will always be the most flattering skirts! If you want to elongate your body, you can also wear high-waist skirts and stay away from low-waist ones.

What Accessories To Wear To Look Skinnier


To define your waist, wear belts. They are amazing and great for accentuating the slimmer part of your body aka the waistline.


High heels can make your legs look thinner. Stick to the classics if you don’t know what to choose! Stilettos are the best!

If you don’t have thin ankles, avoid ankle straps and thin very heels.

Do high heels scare you? Try pointed toe flats, medium heels or kitten heels.


Bold, statement jewelry is perfect for you. Long earrings make your neck look longer.

A statement necklace can be the main focus of your outfit and can distract the attention from other areas.


Bigger bags are better! Clutches, purses, bags with circle handles, it doesn’t matter the shape as long as they are not super tiny!