Rules Of Wearing A Mini Dress

Laura Tolentino

We can clearly say that wearing mini dresses is stylish and fun. This is a trend that will never go away since it makes the woman feel sexy and can complement a figure. The problem is that you cannot simply take a mini dress, put it on and expect to look fabulous. It is important that you know some “rules” about wearing the mini dress. Even if rules are meant to be broken, these are some that you may not want to disconsider.

Wear Heels


The mini dress puts focus on the woman’s legs so why not make them look great with a pair of great heels? The high heels that are usually chosen are those that are traditional but experimentation is definitely possible. We recommend that you consider platform heels as this balances out proportions and makes the woman even sexier.

The Perfect Mini Dress Length

Mini dresses are not all the same. Various lengths are actually available. Women have to consider the various lengths and choose what is perfect for her based on style and figure. You should seriously consider making sure that the length of the dress will not end where te leg has the widest part. The silhouette needs to also be taken into account.

Your Undergarments Count


Every woman that wears a mini dress has to be careful about undergarments. A proper one will offer coverage and will support. In many cases we see shapewear considered as this boosts confidence levels. Many briefs can be considered and they can look great with a mini dress. However, make sure that you do analyze all the options that you have available.

Always Remember Your Legs


It is vital that you take all the time that is needed in order to showcase your legs. Every woman that wears mini dresses should groom legs carefully. Special focus should be put on moisturizing and exfoliating. You basically want the skin to look great and the bare legs to be as sexy as possible.

If you do not have much time available, use light bronzers, tanning creams or highlighting powders. All these can make legs look better. At the same time, you should seriously consider your feet. That is true even if you do wear closed shoes. It is because having beautiful feet will only make your confidence higher.

Do Not Be Restricted By Age

older women mini dress

So many silhouettes are currently available as we look at mini dresses. You do not have to think that it is not possible to find one that is perfect for you because of that. Mini dresses will be flirtatious and charming in absolutely all decades. As an example, you can opt for sheath mini dresses. They are elegant and special for an older woman. The vintage style looks will surely make everything age appropriate.

Stockings And Mini Dresses

mini dresses and stockings

It is interesting to notice that the common belief is that you cannot combine stockings with a mini dress. This is completely incorrect. Mini dress trends did accentuate nude legs a few years back but nowadays, it is quite common to see women wearing stockings with mini dresses. Over the knee or patterned tight socks will be able to add eccentricity, charm and funkiness to the appearance of any woman. Do consider various leg wear options so that you can create a good contrast and you can add to what the mini dress already offers.