Prada Ready To Wear Fall 2016 Collection Review

Laura Tolentino

Prada Ready To Wear Fall 2016 Collection

While talking about Prada’s ready to wear, fall 2016 collection, most fashion editors used the words “chic vagabond” to describe the style Miuccia Prada adopted for the collection. This label comes from the layers and layers the designer chose to overlap in order to create the image of a chic woman who can pull of almost any fall outfit, a woman who is not afraid to show her personality and to mix prints, textures and styles in an artistic way.

When it comes to the style of this collection, Miuccia Prada decided to go back in time and to incorporate 40s and 50s elements into this fall ready to wear collection. From full skirt styles, velvet cocktail dresses and stylish capes, the collection incorporates many clothing articles that resemble the classic fall femininity that characterized the 1940s and 50s and some nautical elements that add more class to this beautiful fall collection.

prada fall 2016 01

The capes were the stars of the Prada ready to wear fashion show. The combination of the materials used in the creation of the capes make them unique and classic at the same time. Tweed, brocade jacquard and fur were used to create truly wonderful fall and winter capes and coats.

Prada Fashion Show, Ready to Wear Collection Fall Winter 2016 in Milan

Since we’re talking about materials, besides jacquard, tweed and fur, the designer used velvet, silk and other contrasting materials to create outfits that tell stories of different women. The outfits varied from classic black and white outfits for those women who prefer a classy, elegant approach to various prints combinations for those who are more daring and adventurous.

Prada RTW Fall 2016

Besides the capes and the juxtapositions, hosiery was another element that really stand out in this Prada collection. The argyle tights were paired with mini skirts and dresses to add that smart-chic vibe a modern woman wants. The berets were also a nice, elegant touch, especially when combined with classical plaid coats.

prada fall 2016 04

The highlighted waist was another trend loved by all 1940s and 1950s women. Miuccia Prada brought back the highlighted waist, but instead of using hidden corsets and thin belts, she opted for corseted shirts, external corsets and statement leather corset belts. Another accessories that played a huge part back in the 40s and 50s fashion were the gloves and they couldn’t miss from this Prada collection. Instead of using leather as designers from back in the day did, Prada used knitted, elbow length gloves in various blue and grey shades.

prada fall 2016 05

Prada ready to wear fall 2016 collection is a reinterpretation of the sophistication and elegance of the 1940s and 1950s style combined with modern elements. The designer said she wanted to express who women are today and what are the moments that define their lives. The main concept of the collection was to transpose different moments and different women into a fashion collection that embraces the differences and the uniqueness of the women from our time.  “We need to understand who we are now….Maybe it’s useful to look back to the different characteristic moments, difficulties, love, no love, pain, happiness, different kinds of women: sexy, boring, traveler. So this was the main concept.”