How To Properly Wear Sandals As A Man

Laura Tolentino

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Sandals stand out as a great option for men summer dressing but it is so easy to get everything really wrong. It is important to think about various different things when you use sandals as a part of a casual outfit, choosing between flip flops, leather sandals and so much more.

The most important thing to remember is that you have to learn how to style sandals with your outfit. This is much more difficult than what many believe but only because there is a lack of knowledge about the subject. Most men simply do not wear sandals that often. Because of this, here are some important things you want to remember about properly wearing men sandals.

Pairing Sandals With Shorts

This should be seen as the basics of all you have to remember. Sandals with shorts normally work really well during summer months. You want to go for different styles but normally you want to go for something under your knee, like denim cut-offs or swim shorts that would catch attention.

Choose sandal types that are appropriate to what short style you opt for. As an example, the smart chine style works great with leather slightly elevated sandals, not with casual leather flip-flops. Generally, the flip-flops are best when paired with lightweight cotton or denim shorts.

Pairing Sandals With Trousers

If the occasion is smarter or the weather forces it, casual summer style can include sandals. This is an alternative to the option presented above. Nowadays, it is common to see sandals being worn with trousers, but you have to do it right. Pair leather sandals with a good looking pair of jeans. Alternatively, coordinate the sandals with a basic t-shirt. You can also opt for cropped trousers when some more ankle is not a problem for you.

Summer Clothes With Sandals

Instead of a 3 piece suit you are used to wearing as you go to boardroom meetings, the casual, stylish and tailoring look can be gained with sandal pairing. Consider the statement blazer with a good hue, cotton chinos right over some suit traiers and 2 strap leather sandals that have a neutral shade.

The Safe Monochromatic Approach

This is a really simple way in which you can maintain the casual style sense when summer comes. Louder summer colors can be great but most people are afraid of this. You can always consider flattering black since this can easily be interchanged as the year goes on. Basic t-shirts, crewnecks, can be paired with black sandals and black jeans. This is the type of completely safe monochromatic

Wearing Gladiator Sandals

If you want to be on trend during next summer, be sure that you consider the gladiator boot sandals. They are really popular among stylish men, allowing you to easily stand out of the flip-flop wearing crowd. The gladiator sandal is a statement piece so be sure that the rest of the outfit is simple. We recommend summer shorts and longline vest for a perfect combination.

When Comfort Is Important

If you are a person that prefers comfort but that does not want to make a compromise when it comes to style, flip-flops can be a wonderful addition to any summer wardrobe. These shoes are affordable but prices can easily go up in the event the material is more luxurious, like wearing leather. Even so, flip-flops are definitely wonderful for any summer holiday, a true essential. These are great for when you go to the pool or the beach.

Sports Sandals For Men

You can always opt for all-terain sports sandals from big brands like Jack Wolfskin and North Face. The sports sandal is different from the regular sandal because of the material that is used. In most cases this is a sandal that is made out of mesh, non-slip sole, hardwearing leather and the likes, as opposed to fashion sandals that mainly opt for design embellishment instead of performance. The sports sandal will be built while thinking about closed shoe shape, focusing on combining the closed toe upper with the ankle strap. There are some sports sandals that feature Velcro straps and others add zip enclosures. Soles are arched to make it more comfortable.

General Tips To Wear The Sandals

  • Consider sandal type with short length. If you wear something tailored, you want to style with some leather sandals.
  • The sandals can easily be paired with a pair of trousers but opt for cotton chino or denim as a fabric.
  • Change office attire with a sandals pair and summer suit.
  • Choose Birkenstocks for combining comfort and style.
  • The leather sandals have to be conditioned and properly taken care of.