Tips For Dressing Your Hourglass Figure

Laura Tolentino

The hourglass body figure is seen as the perfect figure for a woman. There is this belief that when you have the figure, you can automatically wear anything. This is definitely not the case. It is really important that you understand how to dress properly, just like with all body figures out there.

The good news is that this body shape is really easy to clothe if you know what to look for. The trick is to accentuate the proportional body figure with the use of the waist as focal point.

Waists As Focal Points

hourglass body figure dressing tips

Your perfect proportions can so easily be put into attention when you wear something that will wrap around it or that will simply draw the person’s eyes to the waist. Examples of waist accentuating details:

  • Voluminous skirts – examples: tulip skirts or full circles. These make the waist seem smaller. You can also use an A-line or pencil look.
  • Dark colored belts wrapped around waist narrow parts.
  • Dresses, jackets and waist tops that are nipped.
  • Soft fabrics like drapey silk blends or knits or a fabric with stretch can complement and accentuate curves. Avoid all that is boxy.
  • Low’ish necklines and v-necks are perfect to slim a curvy hourglass.

If the woman has a muffin top and does not want to wear something that is fitted around waists, she should wear clothes that will skim past the region, while adding interest to the bottom and the top. This makes the waist have a thinner appearance.

You should always keep everything smooth and simple in order to perfectly complement the feminine body shape figure.

Downplaying Curves

hourglass body figure dressing tips 2

There are women that have an hourglass shape and do not really like the curves they have. They actually want to look taller and thinner. In this case, make sure that you consider the following styling tricks and tips:

  • Always wear dark colors outfits, monochromatic.
  • Bootcut and straight pants or jeans that will hug the hips.
  • Focus on those clothes with various vertical details like vertical prints, pleats or buttons that are placed downwards.
  • Wear low necklines to slim down torsos.
  • Elongate legs with heels.
  • Try to wear tops that will extent below the hipbone, pass thighs.

Do you have some extra weight? In this case you need to wear body shapers under clothes.

Also Consider This

hourglass body figure dressing tips 3

It is very important that you consider the body’s vertical proportions. There are clothes that are going to shorten legs so you would end up with a waist that looks wider. Extra outfit strategies can be used. Adding heels is a really good idea when you wear skinny pants.